Awesome in the Art Room

Every Child is an Artist

Welcome Back to the Art Room!!

Welcome back to all returning Oakland students and welcome to all new students.  This year the Art Room has been turned into Art E. Painter’s Detective Agency.  Students will become jr. Art detectives this year as we study the details of art from many time periods and cultures.  Art is a very important part of education.  Creating and imagining brings out the most amazing characteristics of a person.  Art is also a valuable tool for learning.  Lessons learned in Art can be taken to all other areas of education.  Pablo Picasso said “I don’t say everything, but I paint everything.”   We are going to be discovering, learning, interpreting, and decoding art and how it relates to our lives.  This year is going to be a very creative and productive one.

There are a few things we could use in the Art Room.  We collect plastic containers, yarn, plastic 2 liter soda bottles, paper plates, brown paper grocery bags, scrap material, and old shirts for painting.  If you have something around the house you have wanted to get rid of let me know, we may be able to use it!!

I lookf forward to a great year.  Keep watching the blog for more information about What our Art Detectives will be up to int he coming weeks!!