Week of 12/2 – 5

We will be taking a Math test on 5.6 Fraction Practical problems on Friday. Students will be presented fraction questions, some as word problems, to solve. They may involve like and unlike denominators and some may require regrouping.

Science test on Friday. We will have a test on 5.5 Living Systems this Friday. For homework this week:

Students will complete Row 1 tonight

Row 2 – Tuesday

Row 3 – Wednesday. The entire WS is due on Thursday.

Thursday – Cells and Organisms Study Guide, Test on Friday.

History PBAs for the second nine weeks are going out tomorrow. These will count as a test grade and should be done here. They may get parts, copy/print graphics, or collect information at home. The theme of this one is Road To The Revolution. They are creating a book that begins with George III and ends with George Washington. I will let them know what the due date is. Before they get their booklet, students must put 8 key events on a timeline. Each event should be dated and described as well as put in chronological order. Once their timeline is finished, it will be graded and they may begin their booklets.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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