Week of November 4 – 8

Today I am sending home several forms. Please return the Parent Teacher Conference form as soon as possible. We will try to give you your first choice whenever we can. Mrs. Harris and I will be meeting in the Computer Lab, not outside.

Also coming home is the Federal Form. Please read over and sign this. Change any incorrect info as needed. PLEASE put military rank and/or the building you work in on the form. If you do not, we will have to return the form to you. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for all of the help at home reviewing for the Benchmarks. Students can always use some guidance when it comes to studying.


Monday – Variable WS to review for quiz on Wednesday

Wednesday – None (5.18 Variable quiz)

Thursday – p. 35 5.2 Ordering Fractions and Decimals

The 2nd NW begins on Wednesday. Please make sure all grades are entered in HAC. If something is blank, ask your child about it.

We will begin 5.4 Matter next. In History, we will begin looking at the original colonies.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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