Week of October 7 – 11

Math – This week we begin our last skill for the Benchmark on 10/24. It is 5.17 Patterns. We are continuing to work on word problems using whole and decimal numbers. The word problems take more practice. Your child has access to Study Island and IXL online. These are great for reinforcing procedures. Students may use calculators to solve, but should write out their plan beforehand. All given information should be recorded as part of their plan.

Monday – VA p.89

Tuesday – VA p.83

Wednesday – Text p.563

Thursday – PTA meeting

History – We will begin our PBA on Wednesday. These are to be done at school as they count as test grades, but portions may come home for students to research or finalize parts. We will continue lessons throughout. Students may work on them whenever they complete daily work. They final product will be a google slide presentation to the class.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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