Week of 5/13 – 17

This week our SOL test will be Reading. It is Friday, May 17th.

Math SOL test will be Thursday, May 23rd.

Science SOL test will be Wednesday, May 29th.

Your child should be reviewing nightly, either assigned homework, online/study practice, or both.

Math for this week will be Review – Q2:1. All work should be shown as they find solutions and strategies should be listed as well. Students will be expected to complete a thorough Brain Dump for Math and Science tests, but cannot be reminded the day of the tests.

Science for this week will be Daily Review #22. Students may use the 4 NW notes that were passed out throughout the year. Work answers out completely. Don’t leave any blank or unfinished.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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