Science Benchmark

Wednesday, January 23rd is the date for our Science Benchmark. Please review nightly with the 2NW note packet, Study Guide sent home last week, and IXL Science. We have a 30 day trial at this time. The material that should be covered is:

B.2,  C.3,  E.1,  F.1 – F.8,  I.1 – I.5,  K.1 and K.2,  L.1 – L.4,  L.7,  all of M,  all of O,  P.1 – P.5, and Q.2.  This practice is based on Common Core, but covers the material similar to our curriculum. The students should know how to log in to the site.

Let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget Reading Benchmark tomorrow.

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