Week of 1/2-4

We are beginning our review for the 2NW Math Benchmark. It has been moved up to Thursday, January 10th. It will include 5 each of the following:

5.15 Probability

5.6 Add, subtract, and multiply fractions (word problems)

5.2 Ordering decimal and fraction lists

5.19 Understanding Variables (no solving)

5.7 Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

It will include about 2 questions each of the following:

5.1 Rounding (Nearest whole number means round to the ones place)

5.4 Whole Number word problems

5.5 Decimal word problems

5.18 Patterns

Homework for school nights from now until the 10th will be review materials. Tonight is a review sheet of 7 various skills included on the test. Some nights will all cover the same SOL, some nights will be a review of various.

Please make sure your child is reviewing nightly, even if they said they finished it. They shouldn’t have. On nights where the work is quick, have them practice with IXL. Make sure they are showing ALL work needed to solve. No guessing or I did it in my head. Remember accompanying Benchmark proof paper will be graded for completeness. 

Return work each day from the previous night. We will go over them. Send any questions in as well. We want to clear up all misconceptions.

Math HW – Wednesday and Thursday – Benchmark review WS and IXL review practice. 

I will push the Science as soon as the Math testing is complete.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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