Week of 12/17 – 20, 2018

We are almost there. I have our dates for Benchmarks. Please study nightly as the tests near. One night of study will not produce a student ready for testing. The dates area:

Math BM 1/11 – Math will cover material from first NW test, as well as newly taught skills. These include: 5.1 Rounding, 5.4 Whole number word problems, 5.5 Decimal word problems, 5.18 Patterns, 5.7 Order of operation, 5.19 Variables, 5.2 Fractions/Decimals, 5.6 Fraction word problems and multiplying fractions, and 5.15 Probability

I forgot to post on Friday. If you can possibly get an individual bag of skittles for your child, we would like to use them for our Math lesson.

IXL has good review material, as well as Jlab.org.

Reading BM 1/17

Science BM  1/23 – Science will cover 4.1/5.1, 5.4 Matter, 5.5 Living Systems, 4.5 Living Systems, and 4.4 Plants

Math HW

Monday – p.498 (Set A)

Tuesday – p.498 (Set B)

Wednesday – none

History – Students have begun work on the Road to the Revolution project. It counts as a test and is due on January 23rd. Please check in with them to guide their work, but make them do the content. 

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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