Week of 3/12 – 16, 2018

We have finished with all 5th grade Science units as of now. We will finish the last Math SOL for this nine weeks on Friday. Please supervise your child reviewing Math and Science material from the 3NW packet and the attached Math Review. The Math Review will be completed in class for a grade next week, but I know some of you like seeing that material at homes well. Our 3NW Math test will be on Monday, March 26th. It will cover all material from previous NW tests as well as: 5.15 Probability, 5.17 MMMR, 5.16 Graphs, 5.8 Perimeter/area/volume, 5.9 Metric measurement, 5.10 Circles, 5.12 Measure and classify angles, and 5.13 Triangles. Many of these contain formulas the students MUST know from memory. The calculator will be provided to work out the numbers.


Monday – Test p.217/217 (Sets A, B, and D)

Tuesday – 5.11/12 Notes WS

Wednesday – Practice 8-4

Thursday 5.11/5.12 Quiz Matching and types

Science – A study guide of questions 1-10 is going out today. Students may use notes to complete. These are due Friday. 11-20 will go out next week. After that, we will restart Grids for Science review.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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