Week of 1/2-5

Welcome back. We will be working on the new area of 5.6, Multiplying fractions by whole numbers. For example, 4 x 1/2 = 2. All whole numbers will be divisible by the denominators. This will result in a whole number answer.

The 2NW Math Benchmark is schedules for Friday, January 12th. This could change with the expected weather tomorrow. It will cover:

All material on 1NW Benchmark (5.1 Rounding, 5.4 Whole number computation, 5.5 Decimal computation, and 5.19 Distributive property, outgoing skill) will include one or two questions for each.

5.7 Order of operations

5.18 Patterns

5.19 Variables

5.2 Fraction Compare and order

5.6 Fraction word problems

There will be review packets coming home next week. Please ensure students are practicing/preparing for the test as it could influence student status at the end of the nine weeks.

Tuesday –┬áNone

Wednesday – Practice 11-1

Thursday – Textbook p.292 (Set A)

If the upcoming weather dictates that we may miss school, I will be sending home a packet to complete using the 2NW Yellow Science packet as a resource. Fourth grade material is not in the text. If students forget their books, they are also available on STAR (SPS). The students know where this is. These assignments, Math and Science, will be due on Monday, January 8th.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.


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