Week of 4/24-28

Please make sure your child is already reviewing for Math and Science SOLs. There should be a white booklet containing examples/practice for Math and the 1 – 4th NW Yellow packets contain all that is contained in the Science Test.


Monday – White packet (5.4 and 5.6 should be completed at school) Random practice in the booklet would be great.

Tuesday – Practice 14-5 and Math practice in the white book. MAP testing tomorrow to judge what they have learned this year.

Wednesday – Practice in the white book

Thursday – Practice 14-3. Test on 5.8 Measurement conversion and appropriate units


Grid #8 is going out this week. There was a glich with the printer. They should go out today. These are due on Friday. Nightly review of a protion of one of the 1 – 4 NW Yellow packets is also advisable.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Middle School Orientation

We are sending home the permission slips for Middle School Orientation today. Students will visit  the middle school they are zoned for next year. Please send the slip back as soon as possible. The trip will take place on Monday, May 1st.

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Week of 4/17 – 21

In Math, we are finishing up 5.8 Perimeter, Area, Volume (calculation) and Measurement. Our last SOL will be 5.14 Probability. This was covered in 4th grade using words to give an estimation. This year we will apply numbers to each situation.

Monday – 13-5

Tuesday –  p.344-345 (Set C and D)

Wednesday – Review

Thursday – Practice 14-5

Science – Read the 4th NW packet nightly

We will begin Grids again next week.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Week of April 3 – 7

Math – Today we will be doing the Testnav Math practice test to familiarize themselves with the new format. The students will no longer be able to return to previous questions. We want them to practice reviewing each before hitting the next button.

The end of the 3NW is Friday. Please make sure your child checks their backpack, etc for any work that should be turned in. Also check HAC for any open assignments or zeroes.

Monday – Study for Elapsed Time quiz (moved from Friday)

Tuesday – None

Wednesday – Practice 12 – 4

Thursday – Using given graph paper, students will shade 5 squares and 5 rectangles. Determine the area and perimeter of each.

Science – Our 3 NW Benchmark will be on Friday. It will contain content from the 3rd NW yellow packet, as well as any prior low questions from 1st and 2nd NWT. 

Monday – Thursday nights’ HW will be to review the 3NW yellow packet and get a signature and date for each to verify study. Make sure they know vocabulary and can answer all sample questions correctly.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Week of 3/27 – 31


We are starting 5.10 Elapsed Time today. Students have some experience from last year. We will take it a little further including am/pm when necessary.

Monday – Practice 14-6

Tuesday – Practice 14-7

Wednesday – None

Thursday – Text p.372 (Set F, 1-3 and Set G, 4-7)

Test will probably be Tuesday of next week.

Science Benchmark is on Friday, 4/7. It will include 5.6 Oceans, 5.7 Earth, 4.1/5.1 Scientific Method, and 4.9 Virginia Resources. It will also include weak questions from previous tests.

I will start nightly study and dates/signatures on Thursday. It will run into next week for a total of 5 nights.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Week of 3/20 – 24

Wednesday is our field trip to the VA Symphony. Please make sure your child has returned a permission slip so they may attend. Dress from the fancier end of your closet and bring a bag lunch.

Thursday is the Math Benchmark and our picture day. We will be first in line for pictures then begin our exam. This is the third and final score to bring up averages that are below 70. Best work is key, as well as good brian dump and solid proof sheet. Review the following skills:

5.5 Decimals

5.7 Order of operations

5.19 Distributive property

5.4 Whole number word problems

5.3/5.90 Prime/composite, Odd/even, Divisibility rules

5.6 Fraction add and subtract

5.2 Order/compare fractions and decimals

Monday – Wednesday – Review WS

Science – There is no grid this week to allow students to focus their study on the Math content.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Picture Day

Picture Day is going to be March 23rd, the same day as our Math Benchmark. We will be taking our pictures first, then beginning our test. Please remind your child of the importance of using of strategies and other good test-taking skills. It will be the final test to improve their benchmark average for Math.

Each student should be studying Math skills nightly through review of formulas and procedures and through computation practice.

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Week of 3/13 – 17

Sorry for last week’s omission of the blog. Our field trip to visit the Symphony at CNU is on Wednesday, March 23rd. Remember to dress appropriately and bring a bagged lunch as we will eat on the return trip. Our Math Benchmark is on Thursday, March 23rd. It will cover:

5.5 Multistep (all operations) word problems with Decimal Numbers

5.7 Order of Operations – PEMDAS

5.19 Distributive Property ( students must be able to identify examples of distributive property using multiplication over addition) For example – 3(4 x 5) = (3 x 4) + (3 x 5) = 12 + 15

5.4 Multistep (all operations) word problems with Whole Numbers

5.3 Prime/composite and Odd/even – Students will use divisibility rules to eliminate/identify composite numbers and prime.

5.6 Multistep (all operations) word problems with Fractions -Students must be able to add and subtract with like and unlike denominators as well as regrouping as needed. All answers should be reduced to lowest terms.

5.2 Compare/order fractions and decimals – Students should use a grid to work out the correct order of lists of fractions/decimals as well as determine equivalent terms

Math Homework

Monday – Fraction Pick and practice – Students should complete their choice of six areas of the HW. Show all work used to find the answers.

Tuesday – 5.2 Assessment (Shade number 1 and match its answer)

Wednesday- Distributive property WS

Thursday – Review HW

Science – Grid #7

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Science experiment

I need all students to bring a boiled egg to class tomorrow, Friday. Bring it in a container so it doesn’t get smashed. Cracks are ok. Students may eat their egg once we are finished. Thanks.

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Week of 2/27 – 3-3

Math – We are finishing up fraction operations in word problem form. Please practice with your child each night. They must be able to add and subtract, using like and unlike denominators, and with and w/o regrouping (borrowing). Always reduce to lowest terms. Test is Wednesday.

Monday – Practice 10-6

Tuesday – Completion of Leprechaun CW

Wednesday – None, testing day

Thursday – Practice 9-8

Science – We are beginning our last 5th grade unit, Landforms. Please have your child begin to review terms, read sample questions, and read over notes from 3NW yellow packet.

Monday – Thursday – Grid #5. This should be completed nightly, but is due on Friday. Please make sure students can answer the questions forward and in reverse.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.


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