Million Steps Challenge

Please join Suffolk”s Million Steps Challenge. Free To Participate!

  •  Sign up at: and click on Nansemond Parkway Elementary.
  • Measure your steps daily,Starting on Sept.8 using a pedometer, fitness tracker, or mobile app.
  • Sign in each night at: and record your steps for the day.
  • The Challenge: Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day between September 8 through October 5.




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School Gym Rules

Welcome back new and returning students! Hope you had a fun and productive break! There are five essential rules to be followed during gym days.

  1. Students should dress appropriate  and wear tennis shoes or soft sole shoes during gym days.
  2. Children should have good sportsman-like conduct at all times.
  3. Be respectful of other students and the teacher.
  4. No candy or gum during class times.
  5. Come prepared to have fun and to excercise!

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Kg.-5th Conditioning Corner for the month of October

Conditioning exercises for home and school for the month of Oct

Cardio- Bicycle and Jump Twist

Flexibility-Side Bend and Hamstring Stretch

Strength – Squat with Karate Kick-out and Standard Push Up

Balance – Tip Toe and Bridge

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Kg-5th Conditioning Corner the week of September 30th

Conditioning Exercises for home and school.

Cardio- Bicycle

Flexibility – Side Bends

Strength –  Squat and Karate  kicks out

Activity: Shuttle Relay Race

The student will change direction, speed, and foster team work and cooperation.




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KG-3rd grades: Activity for the week of September 24th

  • Classroom Activity: Circle Relay
  • The students will explore forming  geometric shapes, weaving , and counting.
  • The  students will demonstrate the skills of running, agility, and speed in a game.

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KG-3rd grades: Activity for the week of September 16th-20th, 2013

Classroom Activity: Follow the Leader

This activity will work on the following skills: body images, balance, directional, non-locomotive and locomotive skills.

Step1: The students will follow and imitate the teacher movements.

Step 2: One students will become a leader and the students will  follow and  imitate his or her movements.







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4th and 5th Grades: Activities starting the week of September 16th.

Begin Physical Fitness Testing

We will start the first round of physical fitness tests for all 4th and 5th Grade students starting the week of September 16th, 2013. Students should be prepared with the proper shoes and gym outfit.

Students will be tested on the following activities:

  • Pacer Run
  • Trunk Lift
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • V-Sit Reach

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