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This week, we are working on ABC order and Dictionary skills.  In Math, we are continuing our work on story problems (addition and subtraction), place value (tens and ones), and telling time (to the hour and half hour). In social studies we are studying George Washington and his contributions to our country. On Friday we will be having our mini Chinese New Year Celebration.  If you could contribute $3.00, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you to those who have already!  Please remember to read each night and log it on your reading log.

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Spelling wordsread, dream, clean, peach, speech, tree, green, sleep, needle, people

Vocabulary words:  about, answer, ask, any, kind, over

Monday:  President’s Day

Tuesday:  Write your spellings words two times each. Mark long e and silent a.  Mark all blends and diagraphs.  Put the following spelling words in ABC order: read, dream, clean, peach, speech

Study Animal study guide for a quiz Friday.

Bring your library book tomorrow.

Wednesday:  Write three sentences about George Washington. Draw and color a picture of George Washington. Study Animal study guide for a quiz Friday.

Thursday:    Study for your spelling test and your vocabulary test. Study Animal study guide for a quiz tomorrow.

Friday:   No homework. Remember to read over the weekend.

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Friday, February 22nd is our student teacher, Ms. Cobb’s last day.  She has done a great job and the students have really bonded with her.  It also happens to be Second Grade’s annual Chinese New Year parade.  We have decided to join in on a little of their fun, so we are going to order some Chinese noodles of our own for a light snack that afternoon.  We have read some Chinese New Year stories and will have completed a couple of activities by then (this goes along with our holidays and traditions SOL).

I am asking for a small contribution of $3.00 each to help cover the cost of the noodles, drinks, fortune cookies, and paper products.  Please have the money in by Wednesday, February 20.
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Reminder: No School on Monday: President’s Day!

The SCA will be selling Valentine grams for $1.00 through Thursday.  Support the SCA and send one to friends, teachers, or administrators.  They will be delivered by Thursday afternoon.


 The third nine weeks is well underway and the students are in need to replenish their school supplies!  Check with your child and see if they need the following items: crayons, glue sticks, large eraser, and even another scissors!  Let’s not forget PENCILS!  THEY NEED PENCILS DAILY!  Also check to see if new folders are needed.  When all children have their own school supplies and there is no “borrowing” the day goes much smoother!! J  Thanks!! 

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Spelling wordscupcake, sidewalk, doorbell, airplane, cowboy, rainbow, doghouse, butterfly, pancake, seashell

Vocabulary words:  four, funny, long, watch, were, count

Monday:  Write your new spelling words 3 times each.  Break up the compound word by drawing a line between them and circle the two little words that make up that compound word.

Tuesday:  Write a sentence for each vocabulary word.  Use good adjectives (describing words) in your sentences.  Bring your library book tomorrow.  J

Wednesday:  Write by 2’s to 100.  Write by 10’s to 100.  Write by 5’s to 100. Happy 100th day of school! Our First Graders are 100 days smarter!

Thursday:  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Study for your spelling test and vocabulary test. We will be testing tomorrow.

Friday: No Homework! Be sure to read over the weekend! J

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Welcome to my blog!  I hope you will find it useful the remainder of this year!

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