Block 1 – Smartphones enter 81010 and text @a27f2d

Block 2 – Smartphones enter 81010 and text @d4a864                  

Block 5 – Smartphones enter 81010 and text @63dh84 

Block 6 – Smartphones enter 81010 and text @c233k

Block 7 – Smartphones enter 81010 and text @dwblo

 2012-2013 High School Resources For Parents


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AP US History

1850s Timeline Activity


DAVID’S – You are required to write a 500 – 600 word paper introducing yourself and explaining your beliefs/ideas related to the time period. (Topics to be covered are: states’ rights, slavery, sectional discord, interpretation of the Constitution, sectional economic issues, and territorial expansion, Compromise of 1850. You might have to make inferences. State why you take the stand you do on the various issues. You could also select additional issue(s) of the time period.

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U.S. History

 Reconstruction terms


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Welcome to Virginia, United States History. On this page you will find useful materials related to the course. Generally, I will try to update this weekly with upcoming homework assignments, quiz and test dates. You will find my email address at the bottom where I am readily available for contact. Special thanks to Warren Zuger and Inga Francis for their educational materials.

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