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    I have over20 years experience teaching English. I graduated from Christopher Newport when it was a college (It was not a university at that time) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both English and Education. I also have the Gifted Learning certification and I am certified to teach Geography. Also, I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills through various classes, conferences and workshops.

    In 2008, I was chosen as Suffolk's Reading Teacher of the Year. Literacy for our children is my goal. I love working with the children and want them all to achieve in my class. With literacy, all things are possible!

    I love reading, and I read with my students. I read what they read so I can share with them -- and also just because I enjoy their books. I love writing. I write poetry, short stories, some essays, and have even written a novel. The novel is not yet published, but some of my poetry have been. Reading and writing are two of my passions, and I truly want to share my passions with my students. They may come home and tell you, even, that I have sung to them, because when I teach the poetry unit, I often share a ballad I have written. Singing is another love of mine!

    See? Literacy IS my passion. I will try to make it your child's passion, too. Whether or not they achieve this, though, I hope each child will learn to like reading and writing just a little bit more. I would like to see "more candles of knowledge" lit, as Greg Mortenson said in Three Cups of Tea (Youth Edition). Greg Mortenson also said that "education contributes more to world peace than misguided attempts to change the world through violence and war." With literacy and education, your child can be contributing to a safer and more secure world.

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A Big Wildcat Welcome!

Posted by Laurie Lasher on November 24, 2009

Welcome to my blog!!  Here you will find important messages, homework and notes, and sometimes one or more assignments.  I look forward to blogging with you! Check these pages and updates regularly for IMPORTANT information!

You can contact me here on my blog or, if you wish, email me at  I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Keep in touch! That’s what I’m here for!!

A. R. Reading (B)Log:

If you wish to blog online, feel free to submit your A.R. Reading Log (or anything else you wish to blog about) right here!!!! This is the best place to submit any entry.  Happy blogging!!

Read updates below for updated and important information!!!

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Posted by Laurie Lasher on April 3, 2016

The AR book project for the 3rd 9 week period was assigned before Spring Bread, and each student who was present in class received a handout on how to prepare this project.  Even if your child has not yet completed the book, you should encourage your child to begin this project.  Although each child must complete reading the whole book to take the test on it, he or she does not have to complete the book to begin the work on this project.

The students KNOW that they MUST have read and tested on the book chosen for the project to count.  If no test shows up as having been taken, that student will not receive credit for the project.  For example, I may enter a 95 for Student A and a 78 for student B.  However, Student A fails to test on the book before the end of the 9 week period.  Therefore, Student As grade is deleted and reentered as a zero even though she spent all weekend doing a fantastic project.. Student B does test on his book, though, and his grade stays in the gradebook as a 78 (C+) because some things were missing from his project.  Quality does count but ONLY IF the first student tests on the AR book before the end of the 9 week period , in this case, the third nine week period.  If your child has misplaced his or her project paper, you can find it on this blog under Assignments.  Scroll down until you see Powerpoint Book Project listed.  Underneath it are the guidelines.

Students are expected to read both in the classroom and even moreso at home.  Parents, please monitor your child so that Student A does not become your child!!

These projects will be presented in class, also.

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PERSUASIVE WRITING THIS WEEK: This is the final writing for this 9 week period.

Posted by Laurie Lasher on April 3, 2016

As you probably remember, each student is required to complete 2 class writings each 9 week period.  The first 9 week period we concentrated on expository writing, the second 9 week period was persuasive, so this 9 week period students will be building their skills on final writing product this upcoming week.  Students are NOT allowed to take these papers home to complete.  They MUST be completed in the classroom.

My students have already displayed the ability to get a writing completed this 9 week period when they took the “mock writing test.”  Parents, please emphasize the importance of not playing  when he or she is supposed to be writing so that your child can complete this assignment in a timely manner.  If the paper is not completed in a timely manner, it will be graded “as is.”

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AR Reading Projects and Infographics are PAST DUE

Posted by Laurie Lasher on January 25, 2016

GET TH EM IN TO ME NOW.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget..   BOOK PROJECT:  You MUST take the AR test on the book.  Many students, because they have an MSG in the gradebook instead of a grade, are showing the grade of F  (Remember, it’s a test grade and teh F counts a zero!)  As I just said, that’s a zero test grade if you don’t get it in to me BY Friday!!

Ask a friend for his or her copy of Book Project paper if you no longer have yours, but GET IT DONE.  Also, DO IT PROPERLY.


iNFOGRAPHICS???  Same deal.

Friday is the deadline for all make up work.

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Posted by Laurie Lasher on November 9, 2015

Good morning and Happy New Nine Week Period (2)!!  If you struggled in my class last 9 week period, you shouldn’t too much now.  We have both had a chance to get to know each other.  However, remember to be respectful and I will be respectful, too.  There are times to talk and times to close your mouths.  A few people are allowing the first type of “class time”  to flow over into the second type of “class time.”

That second type is important when we have to get a lesson completed.  Please comply with the “no talking” rule when you need to work on getting an assignment completed (and especially on assessments).  ALSO, remember to “RAISE YOUR HAND” WHEN YOU HAVE A QUESTION, DON’T just yell it out.  I am easy to get along with when you comply with the classroom rules.

If you have something to need to talk about with me personally, I will be happy to take the time to talk so we can figure out what needs to be done next.  However, if it is business between you and me, it doesn’t need to be aired in front of the whole class, and I will not get into a discussion about at the time.  It eats up our “learning time,” and that time is sparse.

ASK me for help if you need extra help if you don’t understand something or just aren’t “getting” it.  We have Wednesdays and Thursdays for that — and I WILL be glad to help you.

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Posted by Laurie Lasher on November 3, 2015

So, we are now in the second 9 week period of our 2015 – 2016 school year.  I can remember being middle school age and asking my mom, “Mom, do you think we’ll be alive in the year 2000?”  She laughed at me and said, “Well, ‘I’ plan to be!!”  It seemed so far away and so futuristic.  People were still writing science fiction books about the year 2000 and above!  It is no longer science fiction.  It is here!  IT IS NOW!!

Remember, for me to accept your book report, you HAVE to have tested on the AR book of your choice which you have tested on in the FIRST NINE WEEK PERIOD of school.  I have been telling all along that we WOULD have a book project.  However, because of losing time when I was out for my father’s passing and funeral, we were behind so I made it an easy assignment.  “Just make sure you have read a book and tested on it THIS NINE WEEK PERIOD,” I told you the last Monday in October. “You are required to write a book report with title and author of the book listed.  It should be a summary of what the book was about and be 3 to 5 paragraphs.”  It WAS on the board for a week and a half.

Some of you all were scrambling and many of you made it!  Some did not.  Let’s ALL plan to make it for the next 9 week period and we can have some Holiday Goodies before we break for the Winter Holiday!!  THAT is what we are striving for this Second Nine Week Period!!!!

All I can say is,  “Let’s do it!!!!”  

All I want to hear from you is, “Yes!  Yes!  We CAN!  AND WE WILL!!!”


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