Is Television A Waste of Time?


Your parents have decided that you cannot watch television because it is a waste of time.  In a paragraph, convince your parents that television is not a waste of time for kids.   Feel free to use one of topic sentences provided or create your own.

  • Kids can benefit in many ways from watching television.
  • Television is not a waste of time for kids.
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Story Starters Set #1

Choose a story starter from the list.  Post a short story in a blog or write down the prompt and create a story on paper.  If you like, you can upload it typed in Word. 

  1.  A famous person comes to visit your home.  Tell what happens.
  2. Imagine you are on a magic carpet that can take you anywhere you choose.  Write a story about your adventure.
  3. I was so proud of myself when I…

  4. Pretend you are a parent of a child who doesn’t want to go to school.  How do you handle this situation?
  5. I think a true friend is someone who…

  6. One morning you look out the window and discovers that a huge castle has appeared overnight. Write what happens next.

  7. A noise outside awakens you one night. You look out the window and see a spaceship. Write what happens next.

  8. Suppose you woke up one morning and had magical powers for a day. Write a story about the day you had magic powers.

  9. Suppose that one day you woke up and were grown up. Write a story about the first day you were grown up.
  10.  A home in the community has burned. Tell how you would help the family recover from the loss.
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Are Your Chores Done?


Choose one of the following sentences as your topic sentence to write a paragraph that expresses your thoughts about children and chores.

  • Chores are good for kids.
  • Kids should not have to do chores.
  • Kids should get paid for doing chores.
  • All kids should do chores for free.
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A Good Teacher

teacherShare your thoughts on the qualities of a good teacher.  Write a paragraph using your own topic sentence or choose one from the list below. 

  •  There are three qualities or personality traits necessary to be a good teacher.
  • If you want to be an excellent teacher, there are three things you should do. 
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Choose one of the following topic sentences to begin a paragraph about popularity. 

  • There are three steps to becoming a popular person.
  • Kids our age should not be worried about being popular.
  • It is important to be popular.
  • Being popular can sometimes cause problems.
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Do I Get My Allowance Today?

moneyDo you get an allowance? Do you think you should have one? Why? How much money should you earn? How would you earn it? How should you spend the allowance? Think about this subject.  

        Share your thoughts in one or two paragraphs.  If you choose to discuss two ideas about allowances, your first paragraph will need a concluding sentence which will lead the reader to the second paragraph. The second paragraph needs a concluding sentence that wraps it all up.  Begin your paragraphs with interesting topic sentences. 

 Sample topic sentences:

  • Children my age should get an allowance.
  • Children should have to earn their allowance.
  • I don’t think I need an allowance.
  • There are three reasons kids need an allowance.
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The Perfect Sibling

siblingsThe Perfect Sibling Imagine that you could “design” the perfect sibling. What would this dream brother or sister be like? Write a description.  You don’t have to answer all the questions below, but consider reading them before you begin.  You may decide to include some of this information in your description.

  • How old will your brother or sister be?
  • What kind of adjectives would you use to describe his or her personality?
  • What kinds of things you will do with your dream brother or sister?
  • Will your sibling be older, younger, or a twin?  Why did you make this choice?
  • What kinds of things will you do with the sibling of your dreams?
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