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Young Authors Competition Information

Posted by Mrs. Naccarato on January 31, 2020


Every year students within Suffolk Public Schools are invited to participate in the Young Authors’ Competition. Students are encouraged to submit a sample of their creative writing for judging. Participation is voluntary.

Young Authors’ Book Option Descriptions

Fiction: A fiction book is a story that is made-up. It is not a true story. It has a setting, characters, a problem or conflict, and a conclusion or solution. There should not be characters that someone else has already used. You should not tell a story that is from a book, movie, or TV program. This should be your own made-up story.

Nonfiction: A nonfiction book tells about something that is real or true. You might write about something that you are really interested in (a particular kind of animal, sport, or hobby) You may write about something that you have done (a trip you took, something funny, scary or exciting that has happened to you) or you could write about a person who is special to you. This category is truly open, as long as it is about your personal experience.

Autobiography: An autobiography is the story of a writer’s life. This should include information from the time you were born until present day. If you choose to write an autobiography you might want to include what you want to accomplish in your future. (goals and aspirations)

Poetry: A poetry book should be original. You can write one fairly long poem OR five to six shorter poems that have a similar theme, reflected by the book’s title. If you choose to write a specialized poem (like a Haiku, limerick, etc.), it should follow the required format.

Young Authors Guidelines for Middle and High School

  • Books can be done in the classroom and/or at home.
  • Illustrations should be used to enhance writing. They can be drawn by student, computer generated, or for autobiographies (personal pictures).

Young Authors’ Timeline 2019-2020 School Year

  • February 3-March 6 Composition of Books (all books must be prepared for judging Mar 6)
  • March 6– March 20 Judging at School Level
  • March 23-March 27 First Place School Winners Sent for Division Judging
  • March 30– April 3 Division Judging
  • April 6– April 10 Notification of Division Winners
  • April 28 Reception for Division Winners

Please let me know if you decide to participate. Happy writing!  Mrs. Naccarato

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