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Second Week of School

This second week of school has been great. Latin I learned more about the parts of speech and conjunctions in particular, as well as demonstrated their geography awesomeness. Latin II practiced their verbs (present imperfect and future) in the ever popular race game and took quizzes on declining and geography. Latin III also took declining quizzes and practiced the verb race game.  Finally, Latin V is on the verge of discovering why the jealous wife was jealous. All in all, a great week.

Verb Conjugation

Verb Conjugation Formation Powerpoint Show

Conversational Snippets

What’s Your Name        My Name is           How are you          Hello1            hey              Be Well1

I’m fine1                            I know you            I’d like to introduce to you       I’m fine2   not bad

I am years old                 How old are you                   Thank you                  Your welcome

Endings Songs

2nd declension neuter song

3rd declension song masculine and feminine

1st declension endings ong

2nd declension masculine endings song

Perfect Endings Song

Personal Endings Song

More Little Latin Books!

For all you Latin I students, here are some books to try reading in Latin. They have pictures and the vocabulary is fairly simple. Give it a shot!


Latin I

Cool little Latin book with pictures!!! For Latin I:


Useful Documents








Clothing with slogans in Latin….

Check out the following sites for some cool apparel and other things in Latin:




Personally, I’m looking forward to getting the “just shut up” mug in Latin.  :)

Latine dicamus! (Let’s speak in Latin)

Salvete discipuli et discipulae. Hic velim ut vos et ego Latine dicamus et scribamus. Scio difficile esse, sed conemur. Ego errabo, et vos errabitis, tamen conati erimus. Quid putatis?