Block 3

Test preparation … study the 2NW notes in the new Green Monster, pages 2-17 and work on the released-test items. We will discuss these problems and whatever concerns you have in advance of the test which will be given 12 – 13 December this week. Goal is 100% mastery!!

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  1. Sydney Ricks says:

    Good morning Mr. Yanku,

    I will not be at school today. My asthma has flared. I will be on breathing treatments every 4 hours until it is back under control. Is there any classwork and homework I can do to keep up while I’m home?


  2. 1192 says:

    Hang in there Sydney … looking forward to seeing you in class tomorrow.
    We are beginning a new notebook (Set #4) but you may begin by following the examples and key vocabulary from the textbook, pages 236 through 237. Try page 238 #3, 6, 9, and 12.

    Mr. Yanku

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