Benchmark #1 results are in — LOOKING GOOD!!

Mastery rates of 92%, 81%, and 88% in the three classes … 5 perfect scores of 100 — average score was B+ — BRAVO ZULU to all … no homework Thursday the 16th.

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This past week — Simplifying and Evaluating Expressions … Working in Set #2 for practice and notes through page 56 … Reviewing for test on 10/13 & 10/14 … Benchmark Test on 10/15 (topics are Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers, Real Number System, Perfect Squares and Square Roots, and Order of Operations.

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Homework in Set #2 page 53
Benchmark Test on Oct. 15
Turn in PTSA fund raising monies this week

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Set #2 distributed; Progress Reports distributed
Practice the Order of Operations in Set #2 pages 46-47
1/2-day on October 8
Benchmark assessment during week of Oct 13 – 17.

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Progress Reports to be distributed tomorrow
Class Review for Midpoint Test tomorrow
Set #1 to be collected tomorrow for grading
Rational Maze (blocks 3,4) and Integer Maze (block 5) for homework

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Study for Midpoint — test date now slated for 10/2 — use Content Notes packet and Set #1 for hardcopy review — online activities under STAR (Math 8)

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Real Number System – SOL 8.2: Working in Set #1, fill-in numbers on page 12 that represent and are examples of each subset in the Real Number System. Page 13 is a graded classwork assignment that is set to be completed 9/24. Page 14 was a practice exercise prior to assigning of page 15 for homework on 9/23.

On 9/25 our pre-Algebra students will be participating in a district-wide Course Pre-Assessment. While it will not be entered in the grade book, scores will be used to establish a baseline to monitor growth through the end of the Third Nine Weeks.

On 9/26 and 9/29, students will be taking the online Measures of Academic Progress assessment … again not for grading purposes but for monitoring student growth during the school year.

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Homework in Big Ideas text page 467 #3-27 (multiples of 3) and page 468 #32-37.
Use examples from text and notes from class (Set #1 pp 26-30) to help solve.
Visit web site MATH SHORTS for scientific notation clip we viewed in class.

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3 Sep 2014

Project “Numbers in My Life” is due 9/8/2014 … early turn-ins get extra points … The project’s power point MATH ABOUT ME can be viewed by clicking the link below!

20 parents have signed up for REMIND … a great way to stay informed about class deadlines and upcoming events. Are you interested? Ask me how you can join REMIND!


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Welcome Back Chargers!

I am looking forward to a successful year of learning and growth for every student.
Don’t Worry!! You’re in good hands. I am an experienced teacher, a veteran of the U. S. armed forces, a father of four daughters, and “Poppy” of three grandchildren.

Following a 20-year Navy career in broadcast journalism, I returned to the college classroom at Norfolk State University to earn my bachelors degree in 1994. Then, under the Troops to Teachers graduate program, I earned my masters degree from Old Dominion University in Middle Grades Education. I have been licensed professionally since the summer of 1995. Before joining the staff at John Yeates Middle School in 1998, I taught middle school in Isle of Wight County and Surry County.

We will be communicating with each other a lot this school year. In addition to this blog, I use REMIND to keep you informed of what’s happening in class. By joining REMIND, you will receive messages via push notifications, SMS, or email. My home phone is 757-619-1025. My email is richardyanku@spsk12.net.

My #1 school rule: Come on-time and “prepared” every day. Let’s get this school year started!

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