Third Nine Weeks Test is slated for next Monday and Tuesday, 7-8 April.

Review now for the cumulative test.

In addition to review, this week we will explore Independent and Dependent Events as it pertains to Probability. Homework in Set #6 is through page 260.

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Assessed computation skills as students solved practical consumer math problems … No homework for those caught up (in Set #6).

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Maintaining a checkbook registry — important stuff in the real world and here in pre-Algebra … through page 247 of Set #6. Assessing consumer math applications tomorrow (3/26) …

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Finishing up our lessons on consumer math applications, including the computation of sales tax, discounts, tips, mark-ups, simple interest and the maintenance of a checkbook registry.

Homework: Complete the exercises in Set #6 through page 246.

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Home Work for Block 3 in Set #6 to complete pages 217-219
Home Work for Blocks 4 & 5 in Set #6 to finish pages 229-231

Reviewed equivalent values for fractions, decimals, and percents
Discussed the discount and sales price using the percent models.

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Real-life application of Golden (Phi) Ratio in class …
Homework in Big Ideas textbook: page 172 (4,6,8,10,14,16,18,20) and page 173 (27,28,29)
Quiz tomorrow on Percent of Change and Solving Proportions

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Proportional Reasoning — Set #6 up to page 213

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A new math skill — Percent of Change — in the interactive notes (Set #6) complete pages 225-228. The work is reflected by material in the textbook, starting on page 170.

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3NW Midpoint — overall 68% of students demonstrated mastery (district average was 58%) … Four students earned the gold dollar for 100 on the test: Seth Berryman, Grant Gill, Macey Jenkins, and Reluca Rilla.

Started collecting Set #5 for grades; distributed Set #6 and worked on pages 206-207 … new learning unit on Consumer Math applications.

Extra credit points for finding out the origin/history of the percent (%) symbol. Due next week!

Block 4 was honored today for their SMOOTH MOVES on the 2nd Nine Weeks Test (81 % mastery). Mrs. Clary from FACS made tasty tropical smoothies as an after-lunch treat — YUMMMMMM!

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3NW Midpoint testing underway — should be wrapped up tomorrow. Looking for Set #5 booklets to be turned in for grades.

Friday is College Spirit Day where students in my homeroom should wear college gear related to my alma maters: Cobleskill A & T College (associates degree), Norfolk State University (bachelors degree), or Old Dominion University (masters degree). During my 20-year Navy career, I also earned credits from University of Albany (NY), St. Leo’s College, and University of Oklahoma.

Let’s HEAR IT and show some SPIRIT!

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