Mathletes – 9/27/2016

Complete Day 2 and Day 3 of the Daily Review 1-4 …
MAP test on 9/29

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Mathletes — 9/19/2016

Packets of CORN … finish what we started from page 19 to 22 … PTA meeting tomorrow night 6:30 with special staff presentations … MAP test for math next week …

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Mathletes 9/15/2016

Big Blue textbook, pages 464 – 466 (examples), then page 467 #3-27 for homework. Daily Review Week One Quiz tomorrow.

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Mathletes 9/13/2016

Estimate Square Roots by finding two consecutive whole numbers between which the square root lies. A number line is a great tool to visualize this concept. Class work exercises included a question/answer puzzler and a Color by Numbers activity. Please turn in assigned work on Wednesday, Sept 14. Math About Me Project now past due.

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(1) Project due 9/13
(2) Check to see if your Google Account works — test your credentials and report status by 9/13.
(3) Check out this video …. how powerful is the Power of Ten?

We’ll talk about this in class!

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9/6/2016 (17 – 001)

Check out your block’s Google Classroom and sign-in using the code provided at the site. Figure out your age in days (up to Sept 7) and be prepared to share with us the computations used to figure it out. Looking for a number between 3,000 and 5,000.

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Welcome Back Chargers!

Welcome to 7th grade Pre-Algebra. Don’t Worry!! You’re in good hands. I am an experienced teacher, a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, a father of four daughters, and “Poppy” of three grandchildren.

This is my 19th year in the Suffolk Public Schools system, all here at John Yeates Middle School. Before teaching, I worked as a broadcast journalist in the U.S. Navy. After retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in 1993, I returned to the college classroom at Norfolk State University, and eventually earned a Master Of Education degree in middle grades education from Old Dominion University.

I hope we will be communicating with each other a lot this school year. In addition to this blog, I will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM for weekly activities. A class code for joining will be issued shortly after school begins. I also use REMIND to keep YOU informed of what’s happening in class. I will post the REMIND join notice for each of my three blocks at Open House. By joining REMIND, you will receive messages via push notifications, SMS, or email. My home phone is 757-619-1025. My email is

My #1 school rule: Come on-time and “prepared” every day. Let’s make this a great school year of growth, learning and success!

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Benchmark Tests for all three Math blocks tomorrow — besides classroom exercises and notes, the content review notes are available online at the SPS website under STAR toggle either Math 7 or Math 8. Get good rest and Good Luck!

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Block 3 — more integer operations … Repair Quiz and return tomorrow

Blocks 4 & 5 — Test Prep … Set #1 notes through page 21 <<< study this. Daily Review Quiz and Test Assessment on 10/2.

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9/28 and 9/29

Block 3 — page 18 #4-7, and 8-26 (odd only); also in the Red Workbook, page 14

Blocks 4 & 5 — complete through page 21 in the Notes #1

Be prepared for mini-assessments in Math 7 (Integer Operations) and Math 8 (C/O R N) this week.

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