Homework in Big Ideas text page 467 #3-27 (multiples of 3) and page 468 #32-37.
Use examples from text and notes from class (Set #1 pp 26-30) to help solve.
Visit web site MATH SHORTS for scientific notation clip we viewed in class.

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3 Sep 2014

Project “Numbers in My Life” is due 9/8/2014 … early turn-ins get extra points … The project’s power point MATH ABOUT ME can be viewed by clicking the link below!

20 parents have signed up for REMIND … a great way to stay informed about class deadlines and upcoming events. Are you interested? Ask me how you can join REMIND!


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Welcome Back Chargers!

I am looking forward to a successful year of learning and growth for every student.
Don’t Worry!! You’re in good hands. I am an experienced teacher, a veteran of the U. S. armed forces, a father of four daughters, and “Poppy” of three grandchildren.

Following a 20-year Navy career in broadcast journalism, I returned to the college classroom at Norfolk State University to earn my bachelors degree in 1994. Then, under the Troops to Teachers graduate program, I earned my masters degree from Old Dominion University in Middle Grades Education. I have been licensed professionally since the summer of 1995. Before joining the staff at John Yeates Middle School in 1998, I taught middle school in Isle of Wight County and Surry County.

We will be communicating with each other a lot this school year. In addition to this blog, I use REMIND to keep you informed of what’s happening in class. By joining REMIND, you will receive messages via push notifications, SMS, or email. My home phone is 757-619-1025. My email is richardyanku@spsk12.net.

My #1 school rule: Come on-time and “prepared” every day. Let’s get this school year started!

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Books are slated to be distributed to students on Thursday.

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Officially no homework, except for those who have unfinished business — missing homework or project.

In Block 4 a classwork assignment — Square Roots — was graded if turned in at the end of the period as instructed. A missing grade would indicate that a student failed to turn in and/or place a name on their paper. Blocks 3 and 5 will attempt the graded work tomorrow after a quick review session.

Next up — Real Numbers!

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9 September 2013

Assigned page 10 for homework as we wrapped up the unit on Squares and Roots. A graded assignment (on Squares and Roots) will be completed in class on the 10th. I will be grading the MATH ABOUT ME projects which I collected today … nearly 90 percent got it in on-time!! I hope to have the grades posted by this Friday (the 13th!

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Mathletes — 4 Sep 2013

Welcome Back Middle School students and parents! Blocks 4 and 5 have received their packet of Pre-Algebra notes (Set #1) … Block 3 will join in tomorrow (9/5), so that all students will be able to collect helpful information and practice problems involving perfect squares and square roots. Also, an informational sheet on their “Math About Me” project was distributed today — final product is due Monday 9/9 with work taking place in the classroom and at home.

Also, I encourage all students to join my Edmodo group “Mathletes for Yanku” where I’ll be posting assignments, including written and video tutorials. To join use the Group Code that is posted there.

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02 May 2013

Congrats to the performers … Band, Chorus, Orchestra … even the Y-Factor competition — your due diligence and perseverance really makes me (and I’m sure your parents and relatives) quite proud. Well Done!! Let’s keep our eyes on the prize –> May 7 is the Midpoint Math Test; May 31 is the State SOL Test.

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30 April 2013

Class Work — Graphing Linear Equations in two variables in Set #7 on pages 308 through 313. Home Work — finish the problems up and including page 313.

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Mathletes — 29 April 2013

Graphing Linear Equations — through page 307 in Set #7 …
Midpoint Test of 4NW is May 7 … State SOL is May 31 …

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