13 June — summer break to Labor Day

In the Navy we said BRAVO ZULU for a job well done and so it is here as well — BRAVO ZULU to my rising 8th graders. You deserve your well-earned break — congratulations on surviving my math class.

See you in September …

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Week of 9-13 June 2014

4th Nine Weeks exam schedule: Block 3 on June 10; Block 4 on June 11; Block 5 on June 12.

Daily test review when appropriate …

Awards Ceremony (by invitation only) on June 13 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in auditorium

I have shared SOL test scores with each student on an individual basis. Congratulations to those who scored no less than 400, those who earned advanced standing (no less than 500), and those with perfect scores (600).

Textbooks (from home) are being collected for inventory control. If you received a book but do not return it, you will be billed the “lost” book charge of $68.50.

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Homework: page 130 #4-8, page 131 #9-12 … practice graphing linear functions

One more major test — 4th NW to be given week of June 9-12 so we’ll be reviewing all next week and making sure everyone has had a chance at mastering these standards.

Paperwork: New grading system next year so a new parent “connection” system that you need to be aware of … provide relevant info and send it back to me.

Textbooks: Info next week on when to start sending them back!

Lockers: They need to be cleaned out by last day!

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Time to reap the rewards of those hours of math class and homework … the state SOL test will be given tomorrow, May 28 !!!

To get in few more looks at your favorite topics, head to the SPS website’s STAR compilation of topics … click the toggle for Math, Grade 8 … and there you go … choose a practice site … the notes review packets and vocabulary notes are two excellent sources for last-minute snacking. GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP and GOOD LUCK on the test!

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Prepping for state SOL test (which is May 28) by taking the 2013 released test. Results will give us a good indication of our readiness for the big day. Reading 7 SOL test on Friday (5/23); Civics on 5/27. Make-up snow day on Memorial Day !

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Testing underway for midpoint of 4th Nine Weeks. FOR THE NEXT nine days we will focus on getting ready for the state SOL math test (May 28) and gearing up for the final exam — > 4th Nine Weeks during our last school week.

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4th Nine Weeks Midpoint TEST tomorrow … 41 questions covering angle relationships (8.6), transformations (8.8), consumer math applications (8.3), independent/dependent probability (8.12), trends from scatterplots and other graphs (8.13), representations from relations/functions (8.14), graphing linear functions (8.16), and algebraic terms (8.17).

MAP assessments are done … new round in Fall 2015.

Getting ready for the state SOL test on May 28 after the midpoint. Progress reports are coming home now!

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12 MAY Progress reports sent home

13 MAY 4th Nine Weeks Midpoint Test

15 MAY Review begins for State SOL Test

26 MAY Make-up for SNOW day

28 MAY State SOL test

9-13 JUNE Finals Week for 4th Nine Weeks Testing

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Spring Session of MAP Assessment on May 6-7

4th Nine Weeks Midpoint on May 12 (If needed, May 13)

State SOL pre-Algebra test on May 28

In the classroom now, Data Analysis with Scatter Plots and other graphs (Set #7 starting on page 278)

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Testing –> FOR YOUR INFORMATION <– Testing

Functions & Relations – April 30

Spring MAP assessment is May 6-7 (next Tuesday, Wednesday)

4th Nine Weeks Midpoint (has moved to) May 12-13 **CORRECTION**

State SOL test – May 28

Classwork and Homework in Set #7 pages 318 – 321 (Algebraic Terms)

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