Google Draw

With Google Draw teachers can create assignments that mirror Technology Enhanced Items or assignments that are open-ended requiring higher-level thinking skills. The beauty of Google Draw activities is that once an activity is created that activity can be copied and tweaked. Teachers can adjust an existing activity to provide student support or can alter the content to create a completely different activity.

These activities can include sequencing, sorting, matching and open-ended responses. Below are a couple examples of activities created using Google Draw.

Multiple Meaning Drag and Drop Activity



Matching Word Problems to Mathematical Equations
Open-ended Response to Contributing Factors of the Civil Wat

Teachers can assign each student their own copy of Google Draw activities in Google Classroom. Students can then drag and drop or fill in required information to complete each assignment. Click on the images above to copy the activities in your Google Drive. Another resource for interactive templates can be found on the Apps User Group site.

Google Calendar Addition to Classroom

Google Calendar integration showed up this week in Google Classroom. This newly added feature includes a single calendar in Classroom where all assignments, posts and questions display in a week view. Clicking on an assignment on the calendar in Classroom provides the student direct access from this “at a glance” week view.


Additionally, for every class facilitated, a calendar is created in My calendars for the course facilitator. I hoped to see a Classroom calendar under Other calendars for a course where I am enrolled as a student but that is not the case. The facilitator can open the event from the calendar and access the assignment through a URL in the event description.


Additionally, I tested what happens if I create an event on the calendar. The event displays in the week view in Classroom but nothing displays in the Stream.

Overall, this is a great addition to Google Classroom. Use the “?” on the bottom left in Classroom to give Google feedback about this or any other feature. They really do listen and will send you a response when an update results from feedback you have provided.