Teacher’s Post

Reading Quiz Thursday

Career Day Friday

Regular Reading sheet, Math/Science/Social Studies Sheet, and Spelling/Word Study Homework this week. (attached above)

For the Love of the Arts Festival Saturday at Nansemond Parkway Elem 9-12.

Next Thursday Math Benchmark March 19

Reading Benchmark March 24 & 25 (Part 1 and Part 2)

Wednesday Color of the Month is green for bravery.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser starts Today

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Teacher’s Post

Reading quiz Friday on Nonfiction Main Idea

Wednesday Color is Green

NO SCHOOL Tuesday March 3.

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Teacher’s Post

Here are some updates for the week of February 24. I am sending home a field trip permission slip. It is for a trip to the Sandler Center in Va Beach to see a play. This field trip does cost each student $4.00 to cover the cost of transportation. Please turn it by March 20. There is also a reading test this Friday on Summarizing and Theme as well as some previously taught content. There is regular homework this week, including a reading sheet, math/science/social studies sheet, and word study (with the same words as last week). If your student was selected for tutoring (a permission slip was sent home to those selected) that begins today, Monday, Feb 24. As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. Have a great rest of the week!
Mrs. Fly 

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Teacher’s Post

We are continuing drawing conclusions this week but working in nonfiction. There will be a small comprehension quiz on Friday along with word study quiz. Homework is back to normal this week.

Valentine’s day is this Friday. I am attaching a list of the student’s first names in our class in case your child would like to bring valentines. Please if your student if bringing something please bring something for everyone. There are 20 students in the class. Also I greatly appreciate those students and parents that think about the teacher during valentines day and other holidays, but please be aware that I am a diabetic and while I appreciate the candy I simply can not have it 🙁 (although I really wish I could!) If you’d like to get something for the teacher, please consider something non-edible or something healthy as an alternative. Please do not feel obligated to get the teacher something either! 
Boys: Jeffrey, Aiden, Aaryn, Luke, Tyshuan, Gavenn, Nate, Bradon, Louis, NazimGirls: Riley, Arnazia, Erica, Janae, Nila R, Nylah S, Saniya, Hannah, Kyla, Kellci 

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Teacher’s Post

Reading test tomorrow (Jan 28)

Sight words for word study again this week.

Writing projects are due Thursday (Poster) and costumes and speeches are being done Friday. Parents are welcome to come. Mrs. Fly’s homeroom is from 10-11 and Mrs. Herndon’s homeroom is from 11:15-12:15.

China Test Tuesday

6 facts Tuesday

Water Cycle test Wednesday.

Homework and sight words are attached above

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Teacher’s Post

Wednesday Color is Blue

In place fo spelling this week I am sending home 20 sight words and those will be general spelling words. 10 will be picked for the Friday quiz.

Reading Test Jan 28

Writing projects are moving along nicely. This week we will work on putting our research into paragraph form for our rough drafts and then editing those for our finals.

If you haven’t started the costume and poster please start thinking about that. Final Projects will be presented on Jan 31

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Teacher’s Post Jan 13

The reading benchmark is Wednesday and Thursday it is 2 parts.

China quiz Wednesday

Water Cycle quiz Friday.


The homework is attached above. It is a bit different. There is a practice passage with questions and a math/science/social studies sheet.

January Wednesday color is Blue.

Please make sure a person has been chosen for the research project.

NO SCHOO Monday January 20

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Teacher’s Post

Reading review this week for the benchmark test of January 15 and 16. This is a two part test.

The math benchmark is January 10.

HW is back this week with Reading, Math/Science/Social Studies and Word Study

Wednesday color of the month is Blue.

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Teacher’s Post

Reading Test Dec 18.

Pizza Money due ASAP. Winter Celebration is Dec 19.

Wednesday Color is RED

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Teachers Post

This week in reading we are finishing comparing and contrasting and starting with Drawing Conclusions.

Color of the Month is red.

Winter Celebration form is attached in case your child did not bring it home or it got misplaced.

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