Jan 14 Teacher’s Post

Good afternoon,

Reading benchmark for third graders is scheduled for January 23 and 24. There are early dismissal days on January 24, 25, 28, and 29.

Please ask your student if they are low on supplies as we are continuously asking for more from me. While I do not mind supplying them I am running low myself. The things we are in most need of are pencils and glue sticks.

Please also continue to fill out the reading log for Homework. Quite a few were missing last week.

Additionally. You may have noticed a decrease in paper assignments being returned for reading and writing subjects. This is because our class has adapted into Google Classroom and the students are working more in this. The assignments take a little longer to grade as I have to access each individual ones as they are turned in. We are going through some growing pains with this as it is all new to the students. Please bear with me on this matter.


Thank you for everything you do.


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Jan 7-11

This week is the math benchmark on Thursday. Reading quiz on Friday on Comparing/Contrasting text. No spelling words this week they will begin next week. Study Asia and ecosystems.


Wednesday color to wear is Blue

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Jan 2-4

Happy New Year!

Since this is a short week again there will be no homework sheet.

There is a quiz tomorrow in reading though on summarizing text.

We will be taking the DSA spelling assessment this week to get a mid point check in on progress. This also means no word study this week.

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Dec 3. Teacher’s Post

Good Morning,


This months Color for Wednesdays is Red to recognize the act of giving.

As some of your students may have told you I am getting married this weekend on December 8. I will be out/absent on the following dates due to this: Dec 7, Dec 10, and Dec 11.  Also our school is holding multiple drives right now the fliers are attached. Salvation Army Food Drive and Toys for Tots NPES Coat Drive 2018


Have a great week!

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Nov 26 Teacher’s Corner

Wednesday’s Color is Yellow for Thankfulness

There is a quiz Friday in reading mainly covering Problem/Solution along with Main Idea.

Tuesday there is a 2’s multiplication facts timed quiz they can retake on Thursday’s if they don’t score a 100.


****Please turn in a family recipe as soon as possible for our next writing sample.

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me.


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Oct 29-Nov 2

United Way Spirit Week this week. Cost is $4. The school is not collecting money after Nov 1.

Crazy Hat Day (M)

Twin Day (T)

Book/Character Day (NO MASKS) (W)

Mismatch/Crazy Hair (TH)

Green and Gold Day (F)

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Benchmark Dates

Our district benchmark testing will take place in October the dates for Math and Reading are listed below:


Reading October 26

Math October 19.

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Please Please make sure your child is completing the word study homework. This IS counted as a grade. Homework is 5% of your students overall grade. I check each Friday the yellow notebook for their weekly word study homework. Above in the tabs is a weekly schedule of what to do for homework each night. If you have any questions please email me.

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October 1



This week our school printer is down so I uploaded the homework electronically and will print it from home tonight (Monday).

Wednesday color of the months is Orange.

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Sept. 24

This week:

Tuesday: Social Studies test on citizenship.

Friday: Math Test, Reading Test. Word Study quiz on weekly words.


Fundraiser packets are being sent home today. End date October 15.

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