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Monday 6/6

The year is almost over, and tomorrow is the Suffolk Public Schools Science SOL test. We have been reviewing for over a week, so everyone should know what they need to know. The following Friday, June 17 is our final test, and the last day of school. I hope everyone does well and has a great summer.

Wednesday 5/11/2011

Mid point test today. Grades will be in GradeSpeed this evening. The science SOL test will be June 7th.  The science final will be June 17th. We only have two more SOL’s to cover for this semester. The students that owe me work need to turn it in, The missing work is almost the only thing that can keep a student from passing my class.

Monday 5/2/2011

Welcome to May. The students are starting to get spring fever, and it’s too early.  We have the 4th – 9 weeks mid-point test Wednesday May 11. I will try to get a study guide together by this Friday. We are covering 2 SOLs this week, but they are inter-related and are easily learned together. The SOL test will be later this month, more information to follow.  Progress reports for Science will be distributed Tuesday 5/3/2011.

Monday 4/25/2011

Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope everyone had a great break. To the parent that asked, I have put in grades for this nine weeks. Hopefully gradespeed will roll over to the new nine weeks today.  Grades do not look very promising, because a lot of students have not turned in their writing for this nine weeks. That is a test grade!!! Progress reports come out Monday May 2nd. Hopefully most students will have caught up by then. This is the last nine weeks, everyone needs to do well.

Monday 4/11/2011

This is the first full week of the last 9 weeks.  We are studying photosynthesis. The quiz will be Friday 4/15/2011. Also; on Friday, Students will receive their report cards. I have a number of students who are failing, or very close to failing.  The most common reason for failing my class, is missing work. Students are just not turning in assignments. I have a very liberal make-up policy, but students still would rather take a zero than make-up the work. Hopefully the grades will be better this nine weeks.

Monday 4/4

Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog, I didn’t think anyone was reading it.

Tomorrow: Tuesday 4/5 Mid-term test, and grades close.

If you are reading my blog, make a comment so that I know that I should keep up with it.