Charger Ticket Picnic

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The Cutoff for Charger Tickets will be Tuesday June 11th




Students can bring their charger ticket and lunch to the courtyard


Cornhole, Ladder golf, Can Jam and Snacks

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Homework for the week of 05-20-24-19


AR Reading/ 4  Summaries

Grammar quiz on Friday- Quotations

Additional Info- Thursday-Math SOL Testing

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Prepare for Summer!

18 days until Summer Vacation!!

This week we have no more alphabet letters to learn, so we will be discussing and exploring summer activities!  We will play with beach balls, make a list of activities to do during the summer months, paint rocks/shells and spend time outside enjoying the weather!

***Please fill out the green Field Day sheet sent home last week and return.  We need to know who will bring a lunch from home, and who will be buying a bagged lunch.

***We are collecting donations of small water bottles and juice boxes/pouches for our end of the year ceremony.  Please send them in by Field Day at the latest.


*June 6- Camp Learn a Lot night at 6:30pm

*June 7- Field Day at school: students should wear a White shirt (dress comfortably, tennis shoes, apply sunscreen, send a bottle of water).

*June 11- End of the Year Ceremony at 10:00am. Students should arrive to school at normal time in their Sunday Best!! We will have a short reception afterward in the gym with refreshments.  However, there will be another ceremony closely following ours.

*June 12- Early Dismissal at 1:15

*June 13- Last Day of School/Early Dismissal at 1:15

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Mrs. McLeod’s Class

We will be reading some fun books and doing art projects to go with the books this week. We will also be doing some end of the year testing. Please continue to review all we have learned this year to be ready for kindergarten in September.

Kindergarten Sight Words:
Your child will be learning sight words in kindergarten next year. These are words that students should know by sight. Our school divides them up into different words for each month. The words for September are: A, I, it, in, is, he, me, we, she, see. You can make flash cards for these words and begin to have your child learn these words over the summer.

Early Start Celebration
We are working hard on our songs for our Early Start Celebration on June 14th at 10:00. Children can dress in their “Sunday Best” for the program. Girls can wear dresses and boys a collared shirt. (If your daughter is wearing a dress, please have her wear shorts under it.) After the program, we will remain in the gym for refreshments. If you are able to send in juice boxes or bottled water to go along with the cake that we ordered, please let me know.

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Week of 5/20 – 25

Issues with loading powerpoints. Have students use solpass and IXL for practice sessions. Will repost tomorrow.

Our Math SOL test is on Thursday of this week. We are reviewing the following ppt’s that consist of released questions supplied by the State. Students do not have to print them, but must show proof paper to verify they have completed them. Continue to use solpass and IXL to create practice in specific areas. I will send the ppt’s in the email to parents that follows.

Science will be next Wednesday. We are continuing the review in class, but are spending most of our time on Math until we test. Continue to drill nightly.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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May 16 through 24

Testing (8:25 -11:54) Tutoring (11:59-3:10)

May 16 – 1st  block – 2nd block

May 17 – 2nd block – 3rd block

May  20 –3rd block – 4th block

May 21 – 4th block – 5th block

May 22 – 5th block – 6th block

May 23 – 6th block – 7th block

May 24 – 7th block – 1st block

1.Temple Grandin movie – As we watched the movie, students took notes on how Christopher Boone and Temple Grandin are alike and different.

*** If you missed the movie, please read these two websites and complete the assignments:

2.Class work – Christopher and Temple – Complete handout

3.Homework – Christopher and Temple – Use the class work assignment to write a well-developed, one-paragraph essay about the similarities and differences of Christopher and Temple.  The paragraph should start with a good introductory statement about the two people.  The body of the paragraph should contain several examples of similarities and differences.  The paragraph should end with a conclusion sentence or two to summarize the main points and restate your main idea. (eight to ten sentences)

4. The class work and homework are due the next day.

5. Class work – Novel Entry 5 – Pages 177 to 226 – Two notes per page. Only one note for the first and the last pages.

6. We will use the time to make up any missing assignments.

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SOL Review Booklet, pp. 18 & 19

SOL test 5/22

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Get good rest and eat a good breakfast.  SOL Test is tomorrow!

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Please have your child bring a light weight sweater or jacket to school. Our classroom gets very cold during the day.

Field Day will be June 7th. Students should wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Sunscreen must be applied before your child comes to school.

Please continue to review skills being taught. You may refer to the study guide. Also, please check your child’s backpack and folder for important papers.

Thank you,

C. Boone.


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Geometry Work for 5/23 and 5/24

  1. After the SOL Problem of the Day #1 (Help for Re-testers)
  2. Area Floor/House Plan Project (+30pt–Test Score)
  3. Late/Missing Geometry Homework Assignments
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Geometry Work for 5/22

I may or may not be absent due to Coaching Lakeland Team Tennis at a Tournament.

Here is the sub plan:

  1. Tell students that the homework Quiz Sheet due for today will be collected when we have class again on Friday, May 24th.
  2. Have students complete the front and back of the sheet entitled “Problem of the Day Review” (+15pts). They can either work alone or in pairs if they like, but all students should hand in the problems individually.
  3. Have students complete the Pythagorean Theorem Review Sheet (+32pts). They can either work alone or in pairs if they like, but all students should hand in the problems individually.
  4. When done with both sheets, students can work on Cube Net Sheet for Extra Credit.
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Newsletter week of 5-20-19

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is the LAST week that there will be spelling words and homework!!! I know you are all jumping for joy!!!

Our annual Field Day is on June 7. Each grade level has been assigned a color to wear. We will be wearing YELLOW t-shirts. IF you have a t-shirt that is primarily yellow but has graphics that will be fine. If you want to purchase a yellow shirt, Michaels has them for $3.33 online on sale from $3.99. The North Suffolk Walmart had v neck yellow shirts in the boys’ dept. for $3.47. I do have a FEW yellow shirts I’ve collected over the years to loan for that day if necessary. Please let me know if you will need to “borrow” one from me. Please send the note for your student’s lunch plans for that day as well as your volunteer form if you plan on helping.

We will work on the following skills in Reading this week:
• Ask and answer questions
• Prefixes mid-, mis

In Science this week, the students will continue learning about plants and their products.

This week in Math the students will learn about geometrical shapes, both plain and solid. We will also continue to work on 2-digit addition and subtraction. This is a very difficult skill for 2nd graders so any extra help that you can provide at home would be greatly appreciated!

In Social Studies this week we will wrap up the unit on the 3 First American Groups with a test on Friday. I will send the study guide home on Monday.

Mrs. Cindy Martie

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May 17, 2019



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Homework & Info for Week of 5/20/19

SOL Math test on Monday 5/20/19 (Pre-Algebra on Wednesday 5/22/19)

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Homework for week of 5/20/19:   Workbook pages 321-331

JUNE 11, 2019 has been changed to an early release day!!!!!!

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JUNE 11,2019

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June 11, 2019 has been changed form a full day to a half day!

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May 17, 2019

Math State Test is Monday, May 20

Prepare for this test by…

  • completing the study guide
  • studying all 4 blue booklets
  • studying all 4 interactive notebooks
  • knowing the material in the Test Prep booklet
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SOL Review Booklet, p. 16

Assessment (SOL Review Quiz – composite figures, surface area & volume, consumer applications, probability, functions) 5/20

SOL test 5/22

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Half Days in June

Half Days:

June 11th, 12th, and the 13th-Last day for students.

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Friday, May 17

MATH SOL – Tuesday, May 21 – Study!!!

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Thursday, May 16

Block 1 – Bell Work and Extra Practice due tomorrow

Block 2 – Complete Daily Review Days 3 and 4

Block 3 – Review and practice IXL skills

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