Week of October 20

Good Evening!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Here is what this week looks like:
I will finish PALs testing tomorrow! Yay!! I am so excited to get back to working with the students!!!

Reading: We will focus on the letters N, G, C, and F. We will discuss words that start with these letters and the sounds they make along with words that end with the letters. We will also work on writing the letters. We will continue working on rhyming words and syllables along with comprehension. We will start reading groups this week! Reading groups will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am so excited as we start to really dive deep into reading.

Math: We will continue with numbers 15 – 19 and work on patterns and more, less, same. We will also continue working on our calendar skills. We will start math groups this week as well!

Science: We will spend a day on each season as we look at the patterns in weather during the seasons and what kind of clothes we should wear.

Social Studies: We will review good citizenship.

Please know if you would like to volunteer my door is always open!! Totally fine if it is a spur of the moment but if I know the day before than I can have a plan. We love guest readers too!

Don’t forget the Grandparents Tea is this Friday at 2:30. Invitations went home Friday. If you left early, I may not have been able to get one in your child’s binder so it will come home Monday.

FYI I will be leaving half a day on Tuesday for a doctors appointment.

Thank you for all your support and help to make this school year a success for your child! I couldn’t do it without you!!!

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Week 8

The end of the first nine weeks is rapidly approaching!  Please remind your student to be sure that he or she has completed all work in all subjects.  I will be posting Missing Work reports later this week for students to look at.  In the meantime, each student should routinely check their orange folders which are designated for missing and incomplete work.

The first writings are just about completely graded.  To assist students in preparing for this Wednesday’s timed formal prompt, I will be writing a paper with the students tomorrow and Tuesday to walk each one through the steps of planning, creating a rough draft, editing, properly utilizing a Writer’s Checklist, and finishing with a polished final draft.

Our benchmarks in reading, science, and social studies will be next week.  The social studies benchmark will be on Monday, October 27th, the science benchmark will be on Tuesday, October 28th, and the reading benchmark will be on Wednesday, October 29th.

Students received a project sheet this past week on Native Americans (SOL USI.3).  These projects will be due on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.  There is a project sheet and the grading rubrics posted at the top of the blog to the right.  Students will present this project, and will receive a test grade on the project in social studies and a test grade on the presentation in reading.

This week is Red Ribbon Week.  Please note the following schedule:

Monday – Proud to be Drug Free – Wear Red
Tuesday – Team up Against Drugs – Wear a jersey or team sports shirt
Wednesday – Battle Against Drugs – Wear camouflage
Thursday – OES Smarties Don’t Do Drugs – OES Spirit Shirts
Friday – Put a Cap on Drugs – Wear a cap/hat

Make-up pictures will be taken on Thursday, October 30, 2014.  If you would like  a picture order form please ask your student to get one from me.

On Tuesday, students will be taking a science test on Light (SOL 5.3).  In math we will begin dividing decimals, first by whole numbers and then by decimal numbers.  In social studies we will work on cultural interactions with the Native Americans, European explorers and their motivations/obstacles and trade with West Africa.

In reading we will read two nonfiction paired pieces from StoryWorks on Minecraft and a fiction piece titled Like Magic.

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


The end of the first grading period is drawing closer. With that comes more tests. The students have already taken their math benchmark. We are finishing up this quarter’s skills and getting ready to review for the upcoming social studies and science benchmark tests.


Please make sure your child reads TO you every night.  They can check out books on Wednesday during library.  However, if they need a new one before then, they can go before school or at the end the day. Becoming a better reader is like playing a sport. The more you practice the better you get.


In reading this 9 weeks, we will be working on using consonants, blends, and diagraphs to decode and spell words.  We also will be working on identifying multi-syllabic words.  The students will read fiction and nonfiction texts and answer questions by locating information in the test.


In Math we will begin working on recognizing place value, and reading/naming numbers in standard form, expanded form, and written form.


This week in science, we will continue to explore magnets and their uses. Test over magnets on Tues., 10-28-14. Study guide will be in agenda on Monday, 10-20-14. I will also send home a review booklet for benchmark test on 10-29-14.


In Social Studies we will begin locating US rivers and mountain ranges on a map.


Thank you for all of your support.


C. Martie



Nansemond Parkway PTA site:


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Geometry Videos for the Week of October 20th thru 27th

Conditional Statements

Laws of Syllogism and Detachment

Venn Diagrams


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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 10/24 and 10/27

1. Collect Conditional Statements Advertisement Project

Worth: +22 Points (Quiz Grade)

2. Problem of the Day: +8pt Conditional Statements Review

3. Venn Diagram Notes

4. Truth Table Notes (Honors Only)

5. Venn Diagram Cut-out Activity (Geometry Only +36pts)

6. Venn Diagram Worksheet

7. Next Thursday or this Friday is Final Exam Test

End of Quarter is Monday, November 3rd [All Missing Work is due that day]

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 10/22 and 10/23

1. Conditional Statements Notes Day #2

2. Conditional Law Statements Exit Slip (+8pts)

3. Conditional Law Statements Worksheet

4. Conditional Statements Advertisement Project

Worth: +22 Points (Quiz Grade) [Due next block]

  1st, 3rd, and 5th Blocks [Due: By Friday, October 24th]

  2nd and 4th Blocks [Due: By Next Monday, October 27th]

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 10/20 and 10/21

1. Return Unit 2 Tests/Show Magazine or Newspaper

2. Conditional Statements Notes Day #1

3. Conditional Statements Exit Slip (+11pts)

4. Conditional Statements Worksheet

5. Conditional Statements Advertisement Project Conditional Statements Advertisement Project

Worth: +22 Points (Quiz Grade)

  1st, 3rd, and 5th Blocks [Due: By Friday, October 24th]

  2nd and 4th Blocks [Due: By Next Monday, October 27th]

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NRHS Fall Tutoring Schedule

Click HERE  to download the Fall turoring schedule document

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Winters’ Words for the Week!!

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.” –Michael Legrand

We all learn something new each day. We are continuing on our journey of knowledge. Please note we are nearing the end of the first nine weeks (Monday, 11/3/14 is the end of the first nine weeks) We have another busy week ahead of us. We will have several quizzes and graded assignments this week. Please encourage your son/daughter to review all the notes in their interactive notebooks. I have included several different websites under the subject headings on my blog site. These sites will hopefully, prove helpful with the skills we are working on in class. I have included several key dates below that I am hopeful, you will add to your calendar. It was really great to meet all the grandparents last week! Take care and have a great week!!


A. Winters


Key Dates:

Mad Science Assembly – Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Election Day- November 4, 2014  (School will not be in session)

Math Night – P.T.A at 6:30 – Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Veteran’s Day -Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - (School will be closed for students and staff)


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Congrats to all the Masters of Math for meeting and exceeding their math benchmark goals!

  • Wear your finest mathematician clothes, on Monday, for the blog picture


*Monday is also the beginning of the United Way Campaign. Donate a dollar and wear pink for “Pinky Promise” Day.

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Tutoring for the week of October 20 – 24

I will be staying back for after-school tutoring on Thursday, October 23 from 3:10 until around 4:20.

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Thank you so much for making a contribution to the United Way. The students really enjoyed the dance as well as participating in all of the other activities and it was for a good cause.

This week the students will be involved in  PALs Testing. Please make sure they are well rested and also eat breakfast either at school or home.

Also, please make sure homework notebooks are returned on Friday’s with at least three assignments completed.

I will be testing students on personal information. Please review this skill.


Thank you,

C. Boone


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October 20th- October 24th

This Week In School…

This week, we will learn about community helpers such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, doctors and nurses.  We will read stories about how people in a community help each other.  We will be meeting Pippa Pig and the letter “Pp” this week.  We will practice naming the letter, saying the letter sound, and make a list of things that begin with P.  To celebrate fall, we will be doing fun crafts that correspond with the letter “Pp.”  We will also be having our Pajama Party and Popcorn on Friday J


Raising a Reader Bags

Raising a Reader Bags go home each Wednesday.  Please return them to school the following Tuesday so that we have time to check the bags in order to give them out on Wednesday.  We hope you are enjoying reading these books with your child.


Home Activities:

  1. Pp Card – fold a piece of drawing paper in half.  Write Pp on the front of the card.  Name the letters and have you child repeat their names.  Look for pictures of things that start with Pp in magazines or newspapers.  Cut out the pictures and help your child glue them to the inside of the card
  2. Practice Cutting – have your child practice cutting out simple shapes or pictures.  Practice is the key to learning how to cut.
  3. Name Writing- have your child practice writing his/her first name using proper upper and lower case letters.
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College and Career Fair November 1st

Don’t miss the annual Suffolk Public Schools College and Career Fair.  It will be held Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. at King’s Fork Middle School. This is a great event to get information on preparing for high school, planning for college or transitioning to the workforce.  Register online by October 24th at www.spsk12.net or pick up a registration form in the Guidance Office.

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Josten’s will be at King’s Fork High School during all lunches on October 22, 2014 to take cap and gown orders.  They will also take ring orders.

Don’t delay.  Place your order now and be ready for graduation.

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PTA Reflections Contest Deadline is November 3rd!

Explore the Arts!  Participate in the PTA Reflections Contest!  This years Theme:  “The world would be a better place if….” Reflect on the theme. Create an original work.  Be recognized.  (Click here for the MS word doc. PTA Reflections Flyer)

Art Categories:

  • Dance Choreography;
  • Film Production;
  • Literature;
  • Music Composition;
  • Photography;
  • Visual Arts;

Deadline for entries:  November 3, 2017

For details, contact:   Mrs. C.J. Payton Art teacher, DES/FBES;  carolpayton@spsk12.net ;

For more information follow the below links to  “Mrs. Payton’s Art Spot” blog and/or the VA PTA website:






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Fall 2014 SOL Tutoring Schedule

sollogoSOL after school help is for students who are lacking verified credits. Students do not need to sign up prior to attending SOL remediation. Transportation will be provided to students who remain after school with a tutoring teacher. Please refer to the school testing calendar located on the Suffolk Public Schools website for more details. …

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Fall 2014 SOL Tutoring Schedule

SOL after school help is for students who are lacking verified credits. Students do not need to sign up prior to attending SOL remediation. Transportation will be provided to students who remain after school with a tutoring teacher. Please refer to the school testing calendar located on the Suffolk Public Schools website for more details. TESTING DATES FOR NON-WRITING SOLs ARE DECEMBER 9-18, 2014. ENGLISH WRITING TESTING DATES ARE OCTOBER 28-29, 2014 & DECEMBER 9-10, 2014.

Subject Content Area Teacher Location Time Weekday(s)

Fall 2014 SOL Tutoring Schedule (Printable Version)

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Oct 20-24

HW Oct 20-24

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Weekly Info & HW

Upcoming Events:

*Bring any old shoes in for PTA

*MAD SCIENCE Assembly on Tuesday at 10am



Mon.-Spelling Activity/Math p.243-247/ Open House At My School (read & answer Monday’s questions)


Tues.- Spelling Activity/Math p.248-252/ Open House At My School(re-read &answer Tuesday’s questions)


Wed.-Spelling Activity/Reading Book p.49-52/Open House At My School(re-read & answer Wednesday’s questions)


Thurs.-Spelling Activity/Study for spelling test/Open House At My School(re-read & answer Thursday’s questions)


Fri .-read for 20 minutes on Sat. & Sun. ***Quiz on MAGNETS***

Spelling Words


can’t    it’s  he’s     I’m  didn’t  who’s  she’s   aren’t  isn’t   haven’t  hadn’t   I’ll

reading Writing Math Science Social studies
o   SOLs: 2.5, 2.6, 2.8 c,d, 2.9 e,f o   2.12 Narratives o   2.1   Place Value


o   2.2 Magnets & 2.1 Scientific Method o   2.5  2.6  Map Skills-Continents & Oceans / USA Map
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