JYMS Family Fitness Night

Featuring Guest Speaker, former baseball pro,



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October- Fitbit Monthly Challenge

october monthly challenge

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Break the Habit- Smoking Cessation Program

break the habit

break the habit info

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October 1, 2014

Block 2: INp. 16 Red Book p. 246 #11-20

Block 3: INp. 14 Red Book p. 242 #15-24

All Blocks: Progress Reports will be distributed tomorrow 10/1/14 due to computer issues today.

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Pan-Roasted Chicken Cutlets with Maple-Mustard Dill Sauce



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September 30/ October 1

  1. Verbs – Action and Linking
    1. Action verbs express a physical or mental action: shout, jump, run, think, believe, guess
    2. Linking verbs connect the subject to a word or word group that identifies or describes the subject: am, is, was, became, grow, feel, seem
    3. Place the following verbs in one of the categories below: is, was, think, jump, grow, seem, smell, shout, feel, were, sound, guess. (four in each category!)
      1. Action Only –
      2. Action and Linking –
      3. Linking Only
    4. The verbs may be action or linking:   grow, smell, feel, sound , appear, look, stay, taste, turn, remain
    5. Class work – Linking and Action Verbs
      1. Choose any five of the verbs from the previous slide, and use each first as a linking verb in a sentence, and then use each as an action verb.
      2. Example:

1. The students grew sleepy as they read the story. (L)

Mr. Wilson grew tomatoes in his garden. (A)

  1. Read “To Build a Fire” – Read “To Build a Fire”, pg 80 in the textbook. The story is on page 34 of your Interactive Reader.
  2. Homework – On your own paper, complete the Vocabulary Practice (pg 54) and the Assessment Practice (Pg 55) from your Interactive Reader. Do not bring me the ripped out pages from the workbook!
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Homework- Sept. 29- Oct. 3

Science- Daily Review #5

Social Studies- Daily Review # 4- Study notes for a quiz on the Water Features on Friday.

Reading- Selection#4

Writing- Complete 3 Journal topics

Math-  Mon.-  P.441-# 6-9 Stem and Leaf Plots and 459- Set C

Tues.-  P. 442- # 10 and 11- Make up two questions concerning data on Plots

Wed.-  P.  456- # 4 & 5,  P. 457-7 & 9 and VA Handbook P. 61- Measures of Center

Thurs.-  P.  438-  # 13 & 14- Make Line Graphs


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Oct. 1, 2014

(INp.28) (red)  p.606 lesson 6-5 #1-12

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NPES joins Norfolk Tides/Admirals reading program

For the third year in a row, NPES is participating in the Norfolk Tides/Norfolk Admirals reading program.  2nd through 5th graders who make their AR reading goal the first 9 weeks will receive a Tides/Admirals book mark that can be used for several free tickets to Tides/ Admirals games.  Early Start and Kindergarten are also participating by reading 10 books in the month of October.  Keep reading NPES!

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Homework- 29 Sept.- 3 Oct.

Daily-Review-4-Sept.29 Friends-at-the-River-reading-4 Sept.29 Science-Daily-Review-5 Sept.29

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Tuesday, October 1

Block 1 – Review Notes

Block 2 – Complete INBp43 (Textbook page 102 #5-12)

Block 3 – Complete INBp53 (Textbook p108 #12-19)

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Daily Announcments 10/1

  • Wellness Tip of the Day - Don’t skip meals.  With so much to do, its easy to forget eating and run off to class or activities.  Don’t skip meals.  Set up foods you can eat on the run so you’ll have the energy to keep going.
  • FBLA- will be hosting a car wash fundraiser this Saturday at the Walgreen’s on Bridge and Shoulders’ Hill Road. Car wash is from 9-2 so please come out and support the FBLA.  FBLA members come and help wash some cars to raise money!!  All staff and students are encouraged to support FBLA by bringing us your cars, parent’s cars and friend’s cars to be washed for a donation.
  • FBLA- Field trip permission slips for the Fall Regional Leadership Conference are now available in Mr. Bartholomew’s room.  Signed permission slips are to be turned in no later than Friday, October 10th.  Stop by Rm.121 to pick up your form.
  • VOICE-  Any VOICE member interested in running for treasurer or publicist, please have a speech ready on October 7.  Check Mrs. Lynn’s blog for more information.
  • Girl’s Volleyball- Congratulation to the girls volleyball team on their 3-0 victory over Denbigh High last night.  Key players included Camryn Holt with 28 kills and 35 assists.  Courtney Delucia with 5 serving aces and 5 kills and Morgan Lowers with 32 kills.  We will be traveling to Hertiage on Thursday.
  • Boy’s Volleyball-  Congrats to the boys volletballover their win with Denbigh High School in 3 sets- 25-18,  25-22 and 25-22.  Malcolm Nurse had 12 kills. Zack McCarthy had 8 kills.  Devontrez Wallace had 17 assist.
  • Clinic – the clinic will be closed today.  Emergencies please go to the main office.
  • 24th Annual Nansemond River Warrior Band Day- is Saturday October 4th!  Gates open @ 4:00 and there will be 7 area high school bands competing for the title of Grand Champion!!  Plus, we will have exhibition performance from The Virginia State University Marching Trojans and The Livingstone University Marching Quiet Storm.  Tickets are $ 7.00 in advance and 10.00 at the gate.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow in the cafeteria during all lunch shifts.
  • Anime Club- will be Thursday, October 2 in room 125 (Mr. Bunch’s room).  Please provide your own transportation.
  • Bus Route - Students that ride Rts 864 & 872 will have a different bus and bus driver beginning on Monday.  The bus you will ride will still be in the same slot.
  • HOSA - Health Occupation Students of America will have a meeting Thursday, October 2 at 3:00 pm in the agriculture room. If you are interested in being a member of HOSA please attend this planning session.
  • Attendance office -  Students, when you are absent please make sure to bring in your excuse notes to the front office and place them in the excuse box n the front counter!  Make sure your first and last name is on the note.
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September 26/29

  1. Parts of Speech Test
    1. See me for a make-up time
  2. “Harrison Bergeron” Class work –
    1. This is a class work assignment.       Explain, in complete sentences, the parts of the plot for “Harrison Bergeron” (Pg 38). Write at least two sentences per part:

exposition – setting, time frame, characters

conflict – internal and external problems

complications – make the conflicts harder

climax – most interesting point of the conflict or the turning point

resolution – the conflict ends

denouement – the “unraveling” of the story; the result of the conflict

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Interim Reports



Progress reports for the 1st nine weeks will be issued to students by their homeroom teacher on Thursday, October 2nd.


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PTA Used Shoe Drive: No Cost Fundraiser

Donate, Save the Planet, and raise money for NPES PTA at the same time!


For the month of October we are asking every NPES student to donate women’s, men’s, or children’s shoes. We will accept a wide variety of shoes including tennis shoes, casual shoes, and any other type of shoe that is in wearable condition.


All shoes must come in pairs and be tied together by the laces or a rubber band.  Please do not use tape.


Our goal: 20,000 pairs of shoes = 37 pairs per student


** Ask your friends, family, neighbors, employers, civic groups, or church to help you collect shoes.  We will provide collection boxes if your employer/church/ group is willing to collect shoes on your behalf**


Tie shoes in pairs and drop them off at the collection box in the main hallway.


The PTA will host a school wide celebration if we reach our goal!







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Golf All-Conference 18

athleticsCongratulations to our Varsity Golf Team! They placed 2nd in the Conference 18 Tournament. The entire team will be moving on to the Regional Tournament. 1st Team All-Conference 18: Blake Harris 2nd Team All-Conference 18: James Whitley, Jack Boswell, Jacob Diggs and Blake Bullock.

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Golf All-Conference 18

athleticsCongratulations to our Varsity Golf Team! They placed 2nd in the Conference 18 Tournament held on Monday, September 29 and Tuesday, September 30, 2014. The entire team will be moving on to the 4A South Regional Tournament.

1st Team All-Conference 18: Blake Harris

2nd Team All-Conference 18: James Whitley, Jack Boswell, Jacob Diggs and Blake Bullock.

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sheet glued into notebook (show steps)

I wasn’t able to copy the problems to this post.





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Weekly Objectives, Sept 29-Oct 3, 2014

Reading:  We are reading various books, focusing on short a patterns and sequence for review. There will be comprehension tests on Friday.  Our word skills this week are short a families (-at, -ap), beginning and ending sounds, and rhyming words.  We are working on capitalization and punctuation in writing, as well as writing complete sentences.

Math: We are learning about patterns. Patterns can repeat (AB AB) or grow (1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, etc). Patterns use numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and most anything else. Students have to be able to analyze the pattern part that repeats as well as continue the pattern.

Science:  We are finishing seasons. Students need to know that the seasons follow a sequence (order in which things happen), and we can observe different changes to tell us what season it is. We also discuss animal behavior with the change of seasons (hibernation, migration, food-gathering), plants wilt in the heat, and precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, or hail) associated with the seasons.

Social Studies:  We are studying holidays and patriotic symbols. We will study George Washington Carver, that he was an African American scientist and teacher, and that he did various experiments with peanuts, soybeans, and sweet potatoes.

Notes:  Progress Reports go out Wednesday. Mrs. Markham’s students receive a small incentive for returning the attached sheet on the progress report Thursday.

Picture day is Friday, October 3. Papers went home last week for you to preorder or pay for your individual picture Friday. All students will get their pictures taken that day for the yearbook.

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The Nansemond River High School Band Fruit Sale has begun!!!!


FRESH FLORIDA CITRUS FRUIT TO BE DELIVERED TO SUFFOLK IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!  The fruit sale runs from today through Wednesday, November 19, 2014.  We have three ways you can order fruit:

1.  See any member of the Magnificent Marching Warrior band.  ( No CHECKS will be accepted.  Money order or cash only sales.)  

2.  Come up to Nansemond River High School and place your order from 4 – 6 p.m.   ( No CHECKS will be accepted.  Money order or cash only sales.)  

3.  For your convenience , you can order online at the following link: >>>>>>> http://www.riversweetonline.com/nrhsband14

*** We have a new size selection this year of 1 / 5 bushel of Red Grapefruit, 1./ 5 bushel of Navels, or 1 / 5 bushel of mixed.  All prices are available on the website.  The 1/ 5 bushel sizes can only be ordered online.***

Thank you to our loyal supporters!!  Thank you to our new supporters!!  We are working very hard to buy new uniforms for our marching band and continue operating.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  The fruit is VERY delicious and is genuine Florida FRESH citrus fruit!!


Please support the Nansemond River HS Magnificent Marching Warrior Band!!!!




Online ordering is available for your convenience.



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