Newsletter week of 4-21-14


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations to the 20 students who have met their AR goals for the 3rd period!  Please make sure your child reads TO you every night.  They can check out books on Wednesday during library.  However, if they need a new one before then, they can go before school or at the end the day.  Also, check that your child is doing their spelling homework as the words are part of the reading skills for that week. I will continue sending home reading passages that your child needs to read to you nightly.  There are 2 questions to answer per day.  Please sign and return these to me on Friday. 

In Reading in this last grading period, we will work on the following skills:

2.5 use phonetic strategies when reading and spelling.

2.5b use knowledge of short, long, and r-controlled vowel patterns to decode and spell words.

2.7 expand vocabulary when reading.

2.7a use knowledge of homophones

2.8 read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts.

2.8h summarize stories and events with beginning, middle, and end in the correct sequence.

2.8i draw conclusions based on the text.

2.9 read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction texts.



In math we will continue learning about probability.  Many of the students continue to struggle with addition and subtraction of two digit numbers.  I will continue to work with small groups here at school, but please practice these skills with your child at home.


In Science we will continue learning about living and nonliving things, which includes habitats. 


In Social Studies we will continue learning about wants, needs, barter, and money.


Please check with your child about their school supplies.  Some students do not have glue sticks, paper, or pencils. We are also down to our last 3 boxes of tissues.  If you could donate a box, we would appreciate it.


Thank you for all of your support.

C. Martie

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Social Studies Review Sheet -April 21-25


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Week of April 21- Science Homework


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Homework- April 21-25, 2014

Homework-Sheet-April 21-25, 2014

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Week thirty-one!

Well, I know that none of us want this spring break to end, but just consider it a taste of what summer will be….  We must get back to work so that we can proceed to June!

This week we will begin having weekly review quizzes in social studies to prepare for both the end of the year and the social studies SOL test that we have coming up next month.  This quiz will be given on Friday, so use your beloved pack to study your facts!  We’ll be doing lots of reviewing in class.   We will also begin to learn about the causes of the Civil War.

In math, we will begin working with elapsed time (SOL 5.10).  After we complete that skill, we will begin reviewing and reteaching of all previously tested SOL’s to prepare for the fourth nine weeks’ midpoint and the state SOL test.

In reading, we will finish two nonfiction comprehension sheets from the week before spring break and complete a team activity based upon readings from the red social studies textbook.  Students will create signs, graphic organizers, and posters together for a graded assignment.  We will begin building background on the Civil War and its causes.

In science, we will continue to explore sound, and on Thursday, we will complete an experiment on sound with hangers.

This Tuesday, April 22, 2014, we will take the spring NWEA MAP reading test.  Remember that those students that show the most growth (top three) will participate in an extra gym activity with Mrs. McCoy when testing has been completed in the building.

Last, but surely not least, tomorrow seventeen students will enjoy chocolate chip cookies and milk outside on a blanket as their just reward for passing the third nine weeks’ reading benchmark!

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Geometry Videos for the Week of April 22nd thru 25th

Volume of Prism/Triangle Prism

Surface Area of a Prism/Triangle Prism

Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder

Volume and Surface Area of a Cone

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 4/24 and 4/25

1. Collect  Finding Shapes and Area Project

2. Cones/Cylinders Notes

3. Exit Slip on Two Cones/Cylinders have the Same Surface Area (+9pts)

4. Worksheet “Cones/Cylinders”

5. Bring in a Prism and Cylinder to Class Next Week            (Wednesday, April 30th Odd Classes + Thursday, May 1st Even Classes)

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 4/22 and 4/23

1. Problem of the Day with Extra Credit Problem (+3EC pts)

2. Cube/Prism Notes

3. Exit Slip on Greatest Volume of Two Prisms (+7pts)

4. Worksheet “Prisms”

5. Project on Area (Due: Next Class)

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… this book must be complete by Tuesday when you return!!!


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Crash Course for Review. NEURON review too.

Hi Extreme Eight!

This is the link to the list of Crash Course videos. (I hope!)  :-)

Watch #7 – ATP and Respiration for review

Watch #8 – Photosynthesis for review

Here’s the link to the simulation of a NEURON that I told you about ..   [Lots of fun stuff here to play with. :-) ]

Hope you are having a good break.







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I would like to thank the LHS Band Boosters, Band Staff, and “Quiet Storm” members for the recognition I received at the “Bring the Noise” Competition. I do what I do for the program from the heart and for your kids. Luv you all!!!

20140411_212521 20140411_212726


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Congrats Mascots!!

Congrats to Kayla Randolph and Skyy Vines on their first performances as auxiliary mascots at the 5th Annual “Bring the Noise” Competition. GREAT JOB!!


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“Bring the Noise” Competition Success!!

The 5th Annual “Bring the Noise” Competition was a great success!!! All of the competiting groups did an excellent job. CONGRATS goes out to our own “Rare Jewel Collection” Auxiliary Unit and “Blue Steel” Percussion Line on their STELLAR exhibition performances. :)

IMG_33763948733612 IMG_5293


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Board Approves 4-Tier Schedule for 2014-15

April 11, 2014

At its April 10 meeting, the Suffolk School Board approved the following school hours for the 2014-15 school year.  Link here to view the full videotape of the 4-10-14 School Board meeting.


Proposal 1 – 4 Tier Bell Schedule

Middle School – 7:25-2:00     (7 am Bus Arrival)


High School - 8:25-3:00      (8 am Bus Arrival)


Elementary A – 9:20-3:35    (8:50 Arrival)

  • Driver, Florence Bowser, Hillpoint, Kilby Shores, Mack Benn, Northern Shores

Elementary B – 9:35-3:50    (9:05 Arrival)

  • Booker T. Washington, Creekside, Elephant’s Fork, Nansemond Parkway, Oakland, Pioneer
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Homework & Information Fri 4/11

Sign up for Remind 101. Go to, use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

Honors Spring Break project: Define the vocabulary words listed here or on the indicated pages – p417; binomial nomenclature, taxonomy, cladistics, cladogram, phylogeny; p61; p87; p91; age structure, demography; p129. You may make flash cards or write them on paper. If you make flash cards, keep them grouped by chapter. If you write them on paper, underline or highlight your words. This will count for multiple grades. Also, we will be having vocabulary quizzes on these words, so you may want to make flash cards, and you definitely should study.

1st block – Remind 101 code: @stoneblk1 Spring Break Vocabulary project due Tues 4/22. If needed, finish the Ch 14 Critical Thinking ws; p379 #2, 4, & 5; p385 #3-5.

5th block – Remind 101 code: @stoneblk5 If needed, finish Evolution & Classification Crossword Puzzle.

7th block – Remind 101 code: @stoneblk7 No homework.

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World History I Honors

Agenda for after Spring Break

Geography Quiz-4/21-4/22

Test Sol.12 and 13–4/23-4/24

Vocab. Quiz 1-134 –4/25-4/28 (This is your last quiz grade)

SOL Review TEST–4/29-4/30

Vocab. Test 1-134–5/1-5/2  (This is your last test grade)



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Mark Your Calendar: Special Events for March



  • April 7 – 11                  National Library Week    
  • April 9                          Media Specialists Appreciation Day
  • April 14 – 18                School Closed for All — Spring Break
  • April 21 – 25                National Public School Volunteer Week
  • April 20 – 26                National Administrative Professionals Week
  • April 22 – May 5          MAP Testing for ALL GRADES
  • April 25                        Report Cards Distributed
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April 21st- April 25th

This Week In School…

This week, we will begin our unit called “Growing and Changing.”  We will read stories about growing up and talk about how much we have changed since we were babies.  We will be introducing Gertie Goose and letter “Gg.”  We will be making some G crafts and starting to “G”row “G”rass!

Baby Pictures

Please send in a baby picture of your child by Wednesday.  We will be guessing who is who and hanging them on the board to discuss the ways we have grown and changed since we were babies.  They will be returned to you!


We have learned the letters Ss, Pp, Tt, Oo, Xx, Uu, Yy, Ww, Ff, Aa, Zz, Bb, Mm, Rr, Cc, Qq, Vv, Jj, Hh, and Ii.  Please continue to practice these letters at home with your child.  If your child is having trouble with these letters, please feel free to contact me for some ideas to help make learning letters fun.

Home Activities

Gg Poster- Gather Gg’s from newspaper or magazine headlines with your child.  At the end of the week, help him/her make a Gg poster.  You can decorate the poster by adding pictures or photographs of things whose names start with Gg.

Change and Growth- Your child will listen to a book titled Growing Like Me this week.  Ask her/him to tell about how frogs, ducks, and oak trees grow and change.  Share other books about animals and things that grow and change with your child.

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MAP Testing

MAP testing for ALL STUDENTS.

April 22nd – May 5th

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Spring 2014 Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests Schedule

Parents please prepare your child for testing by doing the following:

  • Make sure your child arrives on time for school (9:30 a.m.)
  • Make sure your child is well rested and gets plenty of sleep the night before testing.
  • Make sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast each morning.
  • Encourage your child to do his/her best.

Please click on the link for the testing schedule.  —  SOL testing 2014 Schedule

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