• Review Sheet
  • memorize polygons


  • Review Sheet
  • Study all notes
  • 4.2 Test tomorrow
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Progress Reports to be distributed tomorrow
Class Review for Midpoint Test tomorrow
Set #1 to be collected tomorrow for grading
Rational Maze (blocks 3,4) and Integer Maze (block 5) for homework

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Homework & Information Tues 9/30

Sign up for Remind. Check it out on remind.com. Use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

1st block – Remind code: @stoneblk1  No homework.

5th block – Remind code: @stoneblk5  If needed, finish p151 #1-5. HW: Research your assigned biomolecule group. Find the elements used, examples, draw the structure, and list functions. Biochemistry Quiz on Mon 10/6.

7th block – Remind code: @stoneblk7  No homework.

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September 30, 2014

Block 1: INp. 14 Red Bk. p. 237 #10 – 19

Block 2: INp. 14 Red Bk. p. 242 #15 – 24

Block 3: Quiz on PDF tomorrow

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Sept. 30, 2014

(INp.26) (red) p.606 lesson 6-4 #1-12

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Sept. 29, 2014

(INp.24) (red) p.606 lesson 6-3 #1-16

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Tuesday, September 30

Review Notes

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Bus Route Changes

Important Information for riders of routes 54 (Blue), 57 (Purple), 58 (Orange)and 59 (Black)!!! On Friday, September 26, notices were sent home to students who ride these buses concerning routing changes. Click the links below to view this information: Routes 58 and 59 Routes 54 and 57

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Daily Announcements 9/30/14

  • Wellness Tip of the Day - Make it convenient to eat right.   Don’t make it hard for yourself to eat right.  Buy healthy food and stock your fridge and room with them to ensure they’rs the first things at had when you get hungry.
  • Clinic – the clinic will be closed today and Wednesday.  Emergencies please go to the main office.
  • 24th Annual Nansemond River Warrior Band Day- is Saturday October 4th!  Gates open @ 4:00 and there will be 7 area high school bands competing for the title of Grand Champion!!  Plus, we will have exhibition performance from The Virginia State University Marching Trojans and The Livingstone University Marching Quiet Storm.  Tickets are $ 7.00 in advance and 10.00 at the gate.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow in the cafeteria during all lunch shifts.
  • Anime Club- will be Thursday, October 2 in room 125 (Mr. Bunch’s room).  Please provide your own transportation.
  • Bus Route - Students that ride Rts 864 & 872 will have a different bus and bus driver beginning on Monday.  The bus you will ride will still be in the same slot.
  • HOSA - Health Occupation Students of America will have a meeting Thursday, October 2 at 3:00 pm in the agriculture room. If you are interested in being a member of HOSA please attend this planning session.
  • Attendance office -  Students, when you are absent please make sure to bring in your excuse notes to the front office and place them in the excuse box n the front counter!  Make sure your first and last name is on the note.
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Picture Day!

Picture Day for Nansemond River High School will be Monday, October 13th and Tuesday, October 14th, 2014.

In order to appear in the 2015 yearbook and receive a school ID card, you MUST have your picture taken on one of these days.

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Vanishing Candy Pumpkins

Day 1- We made our predictions about what we thought would happen to the pumpkins.

WP_20140929_002 WP_20140929_003 WP_20140929_004 WP_20140929_005 WP_20140929_006 WP_20140929_007

After 2 hours the pumpkins were almost gone.


WP_20140929_010 WP_20140929_011 WP_20140929_012 WP_20140929_013

Day 2- Our Pumpkins have vanished.


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Congratulations Ashley Hiltabrand!

Congratulations to Ashley Hiltabrand! She is the Suffolk News Herald – Duke Automotive Player of the Week!!


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Sept 29- Oct 3

New HW 
Read pages 574- 577 complete 1-4 on page 577
Read  pages 578-584 complete 1-5 on page 584
read pages 586-589 complete 1-4 on page 589
Define all words page 594 

Progress reports will be distributed this week

Web quest energy webquest – nonrenewable 2014-2015


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Homework Sheet for September 30, 2014

Homework September 30, 2014

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S.T.E.M. Materials Drive

We are collecting every day materials for student use during design and engineering challenges.

The purpose of these challenges is to provide important practice in applying scientific ideas and mathematical skills while finding creative solutions to a variety of real-life problems.

If you have any of these items, please place them in collection tubs under the PTA bulletin board in our foyer.

Please contact Nina Valdivieso (ninavaldivieso@spsk12.net) or visit the link to see how you can help!

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Early Dismissal-October 8

Early dismissal at 1:05 p.m. on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Monday, September 29

6.1-Ratios and 6.2-Fractions, Decimals, Percents Test – tomorrow

Progress Reports will be issued Wednesday, 10/1

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Important dates to remember

Please read the newsletter that was sent via email. There are important dates listed to mark on your calendar.

Fundraising money  and orders are due Tuesday, 9/30/14.

Interim Reports will be go home Wednesday, 10/01/14.

PTA Open House 10/07/14 (Please attend we are giving out important information for you and your child.)

Early Dismissal for Students (1:20) 10/08/14 (Please plan accordingly for parent pick-up and baby sitters if needed.)

NPES Book Fair 10/29/14—11/7/14


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Week 9/29-10/3

We are nearing our first Math 7 Week test. It is on October 16th. It will cover:

M5.1 - Rounding to the thousandths place and how to read decimal numbers to that place

5.17 - Analyze, complete function tables, and continue number, picture, and shape patterns

5.9 - Identify all circle parts: point/center, radius, chord, diameter, and circumference. Be able to calculate circumference from either radius or diameter (VA SOL uses 3d=C) and/or calculate radius or diameter from circumference.

5.16 - Mean (also fair share and average), median, mode, and range. Be able to determine any or all of this from a give list of data. Also be able to add and remove a number to the data and determine which of the four would be affected. Be ready for the quiz on this tomorrow. 

5.15 - Line graph and stem-and-leaf plot. May be asked to create one of these with the given data or answer question from one that is finished. We will begin this SOL next week. 


Math – Monday – p.461 (Set G) Practice removing and adding numbers to determine what concept will change also.

Tuesday – None

Wednesday – Practice 18-4

Thursday – Graph data lists sent home

Science - 

Monday – Make corrections to Sound test. Find exact pages in 5Ponds text and note on test before you change an answer.

Tuesday – Wednesday – Light review/study guide

Thursday – Study Light

Reading/Writing – Read for 20 minutes and write a 1/2 page summary. Four are due Friday.

Thanks for all you do at home to make your child successful at school.


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Study for Midpoint — test date now slated for 10/2 — use Content Notes packet and Set #1 for hardcopy review — online activities under STAR (Math 8)

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