Geometry Videos for the Week of April 27th thru May 4th



Changing Dimensions of 3D Prisms

No Videos for May 1st and May 4th due to SOL Reviewing

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 5/1 and 5/4

SOL Review Day #1

1.2015 SOL Test Day #1 (+9pts—Graded)

2.SOL Homework #1

3.If not done, Prism Project and Castle Activity

4.Study for SOL Test

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 4/29 and 4/30

1. 2 Review SOL Problems (+6pts EC)

2. Notes on Changing Dimensions of 3-D Prisms

3. Worksheet “Changing Dimensions”

4. Volume/Surface Area Castle (+30pts—Quiz Score)

5. If not done, turn in Prism Project (+3opts–Test Score)

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Geometry and Geometry Honors Work for 4/27 and 4/28

1. Turn in Prism Project (+3opts–Test Score)

2. Notes on Pyramids and Spheres

3. Exit Slip: Volume of Pyramids (+5pts)

4. Worksheet “Pyramids/Cones”

5. If not done, turn in Prism Project (+3opts–Test Score)

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Winters’ Words for the Week!!!

“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”  –George Bernard Shaw

We are continuing our pursuit of knowledge. We have a busy month ahead of us. Please note we only have 34 days left together before the end of the school year. We will be welcoming the month of May in on Friday. In class we are preparing for the upcoming tests that will begin the second week of May. I am confident the students are ready and will do the best that they can on the tests. I have put a great amount of information under each subject heading on my blog. My newsletter will also have this information. I have listed the dates for our state tests on my blog and on my newsletter. There are also several key dates  below that I am hopeful  you will add to your calendar. As always if you need to talk to me please don’t hesitate to call, write a note, send an e-mail, or come by, and I will do the same. Take care and have a great week!


A. Winters


Key Dates:

Friday, May 1, 2015 – Report Cards will be issued

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – N.P.E.S   Spring Musical grades K- 2 will be performing @ 6:30

Thursday, May 7, 2015 – SOL Pep Rally for grades 3-5 @ 2:30

Friday, May 8, 2015 – N.P.E.S Annual Field Day – 9:50 – 3:45

Monday, May 11, 2015 – Wednesday, June 10, 2015  –  State SOL Testing

Thursday, June 11, 2015 – Grades 1-4 Student Recognition Assembly @ 2:10 p.m.

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*Get Plugged in to CHARMS

Get plugged in



Charms Office is the management resource for use by parents and their students enrolled in marching band or any of Mr. Woodis’ classes at Nansemond River High School.  Marching band, jazz band, and orchestra members are able to use the Charms system.   Please see below for instructions.

NOTE: If your Student’s ID is not working, please contact Mr. Woodis (  Please include your students school ID number in the email.

Go to

2. 2.Click ‘ENTER/LOGIN’ (top right)

3. 3.Scroll down to Parents/Students/Members login

4. 4.Type ‘NanRivBand’ as the school code and click ‘Enter Student/Parent area’

5. 5.Type your student’s school ID and click ‘Enter’ .

Please contact Mr Woodis @ if you have any questions or difficulty logging into the system.

** A free app for your mobile device is available.**

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Friday, April 24

TEST – Measures of Center, Measurement, Circle Graphs – Thursday, April 30
Released Test – Friday, May 1
Math SOL May 14, 2015

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April 27: Letter Dd Week!

What we are learning

This is the last week for our theme, “Growing and Changing.” We will read stories about how plants and animals grow and change in the spring. We will listen to the classic folktale Jack and the Beanstalk. You can read other versions of this story with your child and talk about how the stories are alike and different. The new letter this week is the letter Dd. We will read about the Ugly Duckling, play dominos and make a domino snack.

Sight words to review: a, like, see, I, he, she, is, it, in

New: me, we

Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds we have learned so far (Ss,Tt,Pp,Oo,Yy,Bb,Uu,Ff,Xx,Ww,Zz,Mm,Aa,Rr,Cc,Qq,Vv,Jj,Hh,Ii,Gg,Ee).

Dog Day

This Friday, May 1, we will be having Dog Day. Please have your child bring in a stuffed dog that will fit in his/her book bag. If you have a dog as a pet, your child can bring in a picture. We will be reading about dogs and sharing the items that each student brings in. (I have plenty extra dog stuffed animals your student may choose from if you don’t have one or forget.)


Important Dates

Field Day is May 8… Please have your child wear a BLUE shirt. Send a bottle of water for hydration. Apply sunscreen before school, if needed.

Field Trip to KidsZone Park is May 20 … details to follow


Home Activities

*Looking for Dd – look for Dds on food packaging such as cereal boxes and on label cans. You can also look for Dds on signs around your neighborhood. Encourage you child to tell you whether the letter they found is a capital D or a lowercase d.

*Continue to review all letters and letter sounds.

*Practice all personal information (telephone number!!)

*Practice counting to 20 and higher.

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Thank you for your donations for the March of Dimes. The students enjoyed participating in the special events especially the dance.

The Spring Concert will be Tuesday, May 5th, at Kings Folk High School at 6:30. Please refer to the flyer sent home previously.

We are out of glue sticks and tissues again. If possible please send these items in at your earliest convenience .

This week we will review digraphs, high frequency words old and new, concept of word (COW), writing phonetically, determine various amounts using pennies and nickels and life cycle of animals.

Students will be involved in PALS testing Thursday and Friday, April 30th and May 1st.

Please check homework notebooks for assignments.


Thank you,

C. Boone

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Homework & Information Fri 4/24

Sign up for Remind. Check it out on Use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

2nd block – Remind code: @stoneblk2  Evolution & Classification Test on Thurs 4/30.

4th block – Remind code: @stoneblk4  HW: s2.1 ws.

7th block – Remind code: @stoneblk7  No homework.

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April 27th – May 1st

Monday 4/27



  • Review Book (Blue Book) pages 33-43
  • Textbook pages: 398-403 #1,3,4,5

Wednesday 4/29



Friday 5/1



  • Study for Crusades Quiz
  • Blue Book pages 53-69
  • Read textbook pages: 379-385 numbers 1,3,4,5
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CWA Forensic Summer Camp 2015

CWA 4th Forensic Camp Flyer Forensic Camp 2015 Application Forensic Camp 2015 Waiver 03052014

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Daily-Reading-Review-23 Homework Log April 27

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Little Feet Meet = Big Steps for Understanding

Click here for a 2-page photo spread of this local Special Olympics event

The athletes left their training facilities early that morning with fans cheering them to victory as they boarded their buses.  It was the day of the big track and field event, and the young athletes were eager to demonstrate their abilities and their team spirit.

Close to 200 athletes and partners from 11 elementary schools gathered on the field at King’s Fork High School on Friday, April 17 for the first annual Little Feet Meet with Suffolk Public Schools.

Click here to

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Weekly Info. & HW

Upcoming Events:

*Third nine weeks Report Cards will be issued on Friday, May 1st.

* Our Spring Musical will take place at King’s Fork High School on Tuesday, May 5th at 6:30 p.m.

*Field Day is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 8th.  2nd Grade is to wear YELLOW shirts!

Spelling Words

tried  trying  planned  planning  liked  liking  skipped  skipping  heavier  heaviest  lighter  lightest


Monday: Spelling Activity, Reading HW Book pages 481-482 Math page 233-234

Tuesday: Spelling Activity, Reading HW Book page 483 & 485, Math-page 83-84

Wednesday:  Spelling Activity, Reading HW Book page 486-487, Math-page 85-86

Thursday: Study for spelling test, Spelling Activity

Friday:  Read for 20 minutes on Saturday and on Sunday.

reading Writing Math Science Social Studies
Adjectives, Homophones, Summarizing, Story Sequencing 2.12 Explanatory/ Informative MONEY 2.8 Plant Products Economics
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Graphing Linear Functions (B) (back)

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Make Your Case


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Foodbank Opportunity

Home – Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore // // //

Mobile Pantry

The Foodbank helps feed
children, seniors and families in need.

Our Mobile Pantry assists those in
underserved areas or who cannot travel
to a Partner Agency.

Find a Mobile Pantry…

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National Honor Society Induction 4-15-15

Congratulations to our newest members of the Lakeland High School National Honor Society!

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J. Crowell Signs with Radford

DSC_0010_1Congratulations to Jacob Crowell! He has signed with Radford University to continue his education and run Cross Country.

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