Number the Stars Test Tuesday, September 23, 2014-Study Guide Fill in

  1. Mrs. Johansen and Mrs. Rosen were anxious or upset when they learned from Kristi that the girls had been ________________ by ____________________ soldiers on there way home from school.
  2. The girls were upset when they went to Mrs. Hirsch’s shop to get a button and they found a _______________________ and a ______________________ on the front door.
  3. The fireworks Kristi saw for her birthday were actually the ________________________ destroying their _____________________ so the Germans could not use them.
  4. Papa used the code________________________________________ to tell Uncle Henrik that Ellen would be coming to him for transportation to Sweden in his boat.
  5. Anne Marie was confused when Henrik said that _______________________________________ had died because she had never heard of her.
  6. Mama said ___________________________________________ casket was closed because she had died from _________________________________ and still might have germs.
  7. Peter, who is a member of the _______________________________, gave the baby Rachel a ___________________ to help her sleep and it upset her mother.
  8. Mama was lying on the _______________________________ because she had tripped and brok her ________________________________ when Annie Marie looked out the window.
  9. The packet, which was hidden in the handkerchief, contained a _____________________ which caused the dogs sense of smell to be ruined or disabled.
  10. In the end, Mama and Papa said that Lise had actually been killed by a _________________________ vehicle which ran her down in the street.
  11. The main conflict in Number the Stars is a conflict between the _____________________________ citizens and the _______________________ soldiers.
  12. The climax of the novel is when Anne Marie came upon soldiers and two large ____________________ on her way to deliver the packet to ___________________________.
  13. Number the Stars is an example of _________________________   __________________________, which is an imaginary story about real events.
  14. Ellen wanted to be an ____________________________________ but her father wanted her to be a _____________________________________.
  15. Anne Marie can be described as ________________________________ where Kristi can be described as _____________________________.
historical fiction                                powder                                Danes                   ground                 German                ankle stopped               teacher                                ships                      sign        military                 padlock                                brave                   


Great aunt Birte               snippety snap                    Great aunt Birte’s            typhus                  Danish


actress                  cigarettes            Henrik                  Resistance          German               dogs      drug


This is a study guide.  Any student who completes this and turns it in gets an extra credit grade!

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Winters’ Words for the Week!!

“Education is all a matter of building bridges”. Ralph Ellison

We are building a bridge from fourth grade to fifth grade.  Our time together continues to move quickly. We have another busy week ahead of us. We will have a few quizzes this week, and we will be taking  MAP Tests this week. Please look under my subject headings, I have included what the tests are about. The students have received a new reading log, this will hopefully, prove helpful with reading for 20 minutes each night. Please review all information in the interactive notebooks for each subject. 

The school fundraiser is slowly winding down. Please consider selling five items or more, so that your son/daughter can attend the “Big Blast Party”. The funds from this fundraiser will be very helpful for our school. The P.T.A is also asking for volunteers, please consider joining this worthwhile organization. 

Many thanks to my families that sent in, or bought in school supplies, tissues, and hand sanitizer.  

Have a great week!


A. Winters


Key Dates:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 – Interim Reports will be sent home

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 – Open House P.T.A at 6:30 p.m. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 – 1/2 day Teacher Professional  Training – Early Release at 1:20



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NPES Fall Fundraiser will end soon. Please try to sell at at least five items. If your child sells five items he/she will be able to attend the Big Blast Party.

Your child may bring a light weight jacket to school. Our room gets really cold at times.

Please continue to review high frequency words. Use an index card to make flash cards to practice daily. Also, review personal  information (full name, age, birthday, telephone number, parent names, and address).

Thank you,

C. Boone


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Homework & Information Fri 9/19

Sign up for Remind. Check it out on Use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

2nd block – Remind code: @stoneblk2  You may want to work on the Microscope ws. Ch 1 Test next class.

4th block – Remind code: @stoneblk4  Ch 1 Test next class.

7th block – Remind code: @stoneblk7  Work on the Microscope ws. HW due Tues 9/23: Watch the Bozeman Science video titled Water & Life  While watching the video, fill in the outline (1) Water is p____. (2) Draw and label a water molecule. (3) The part of my body that looks like a water molecule is ______. (4) Life requires water for four reasons. Split the remainder of your paper into four sections. Write one reason in each section, and add notes.

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Young Ladies of Distinction (YLOD) Program

Our Young Ladies of Distinction (YLOD) program will continue this school year and the first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 25th from 2:00 – 3:30pm.

YLOD is a program founded by Jennell Riddick, developed to help young ladies in the areas of esteem building, decision making, communication skills, career choices, and self empowerment. Last year was the first year for this particular program and it built upon many of the same positive goals of our GOLD girls group.

This year we will select 75 girls to participate. Interested girls must submit a signed permission slip and complete the interest form. The permission slip and interest form are available for pick up in the front office and I have attached a copy for your convenience. All forms must be submitted to me by Tuesday, September 23rd.

Students may see Ms. Gray, assistant principal. for further information.

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Tutoring for Week of Sept. 22

I will staying back for after school tutoring on Tuesday Sept. 23 and Thursday Sept. 25.

Tutoring times are from 3:10 to 4:20 on these days.

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Good Morning, AM Academy!!!

Keyboard Warm-up:

Flash Card Game:

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Come join us for a Senior Information Night on Wednesday, September 24th at 6 p.m. in the KFHS auditorium.  We will discuss a wide range of topics important to your senior.  Some of the topics will be how to apply for college, where can you find scholarships, how to join the military, and how to become eligible for college athletics plus much more.  All parents and students in the Class of 2015 are encouraged to attend.  See you there!



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Searching for College Money?

Scholarship Hub is a new, local resource for high school seniors to locate scholarships.  This central site can be searched by criteria, such as career, college major, GPA, and extracurricular activities.

High school guidance counselors will continue to distribute scholarships including those linked to specific colleges, athletic opportunities and other focused awards, not listed on the Hub.

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College Night for NRHS, KFHS & LHS

A division-wide College Night will be held on Monday, October 6 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., hosted by King’s Fork High School.  This event is for students and parents from Lakeland High, King’s Fork High and Nansemond River High schools.  Representatives from more than 50 universities, colleges and trade schools will be present.  Call the guidance department at each high school for more information..

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Early Dismissal Day (October 8th)

Students will be dismissed at 1:20 p.m. on Wednesday, October 8th. The remainder of the day will be a Professional Development Day for teachers. Lunch will be served.

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October P.T.A. Meeting/Open House

Our first P.T.A. meeting of the school year will take place on Tuesday, October 7th starting at 6:30 p.m. in the gymnasium. Information will be given regarding planned P.T.A. efforts for this school year. A “State of the Schools” presentation will be given to highlight gains in student achievement as well as plans for school improvement. Parents will also have the opportunity to visit classrooms to visit teachers. We encourage all parents to attend and be a part of our school community.

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Interim Reports

First nine weeks Interim Reports will go home with students on Wednesday, October 1st.

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Update: Boys/Girls Basketball Tryouts

Basketball Tryouts are next week from 2:15-3:45.  The schedule is as follows:

8th Grade Boys: Monday, September 22nd
7th Grade Boys: Tuesday, September 23rd

8th Grade Girls: Wednesday, September 24th
7th Grade Girls: Thursday, September 25th

You must have a Middle School Sports/Virginia High School League physical form on file and a grade point average of 2.0 or better.  NO Exceptions.

Transportation will not be provided.  Please have a ride here by 3:45 p.m.



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Friday, September 19th

Math Test – NWEA Monday, 9/22 – No PE/Exploratory

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Great new free sites for homework and learning extensions

These are some links below to listen to stories read to you online or play games and other things. How cool is that??!!






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Register Now for College & Career Readiness Fair to be held Nov. 1

WHAT: College & Career Readiness Fair
WHO: Students in Grades 7-12, and Parents
WHEN: Saturday, November 1
WHERE: King’s Fork Middle School

Link here to REGISTER NOW.

Click here for a flyer




Workshop sessions on a variety of topics within the areas of Planning for High School, Preparing for College, and Transitioning to the Workforce. Colleges, schools, and employers will also be available at information tables throughout this event.

- 8 a.m. Registration

- 8:30 a.m. Opening Session

- 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 noon, and 1 p.m. – Workshops

Preparing for High School

Specialty Programs (International Baccalaureate, Project Lead the Way engineering, Governor’s School for the Arts, the Pruden Center for Industry & Technology)
Career Interest Inventory
Making the Transition to High School
Planning for College

PSAT, SAT, ACT College Aptitude Tests
Advanced Studies Options: AP, Dual Credit, Honors
Preparing Your Pocketbook & Your Child for College
Transitioning to the Workforce

Career Opportunities & Apprenticeships in Hampton Roads
Job Search Skills
Military Options for Grads

These topics are only categories of workshops to be offered.

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  • Rounding worksheet


  • Study all notes
  • Quiz tomorrow on 4.2
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Homework & Information Thurs 9/18

Sign up for Remind. Check it out on Use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

1st block – Remind code: @stoneblk1  Complete the Microscope ws. Ch 1 Test next class.

5th block – Remind code: @stoneblk5  Ch 1 Test next class.

7th block – Remind code: @stoneblk7  Ch 1 Test tomorrow.

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Reviews and Videos

Please visit each subject matter’s tab above to view review videos and presentations.  I will also post all study notes given in class under these tabs as well.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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